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What Contractors Say About Russell*

Carolyn Gutierrez of Oasis Outdoor Environments, Woodinville, WA - "We have been installing Russell equipment exclusively in all of our water features for a couple of years now. Your products are by far the best choice, and your customer service is superior in every way. Our clients are very pleased with the Russell systems we install."

*Noel Phoenix of Accurate Pond Construction, Costa Mesa, California - "Two months ago I'd never heard of Russell Watergardens & Koi's pond supplies.  Now all of a sudden my customers are asking me to install Russell equipment!  It's apparent to me that the industry is changing - and I'm glad to be on the cutting edge of the pond industry."

John Stehmeir of Mountain Ponds, Lake Arrowhead, California
- "With the Russell line of pond supplies I know I'm at the front of the pack."  "The Hydro Vortex filter is so easy to clean it can be done in your Sunday's Best!"

Eric Triplett, a.k.a The Pond Digger, of Exotic Aquatics - Redlands, California -  "I've seen the future of water gardening!"  "Imagine a biological waterfall filter that's so easy to clean and maintain that it bridges the gap between koi pond lovers and water gardening enthusiasts.  Hydro Vortex™ systems do just that!."

Jake Langeslag of Aqua Eden, Fairbault, Minnesota -  "I was so impressed with the quality of the Russell line and knowing that the Hydro Vortex™ filter is Made In America makes the choice simple!"  "I'm a big fan of the Russell line of pond supplies".

Mike Garcia of Enviroscapes, Torrence, California - "I'm ethically bound to provide my customers with best available products.  Can I in good conscience install an inferior system when I tell my clients that they should hire me because I use the best available products on the market? Absolutely not!  Russell's Hydro Vortex™ system and Hydro Dynamax™ pumps are cutting edge equipment for the high end pond builder".

Mark Lawson of The Koi Depot of San Diego - "I get many phone calls from pond owners that want to replace their hard to clean 'pad-&-lava rock' filters with the easy to clean Hydro Vortex™ system from Russell Watergardens & Koi."

Craig Marciniak of Tranquil Watergardens in Cumberland Rhode Island - "This year my retail store sold more Russell products in just 2 weekends then it sold in an entire year of another manufacturer's products.  We would have sold even more, but we sold out!  This year we also added a whole new service to our company - pond owners are actually PAYING us to replace the pad-&-lava rock filters we previously installed for them. (Ectomies™) We are increasing our sales from our existing customer base!  The Russell stuff simply sells itself!"

Paul Gifford of Pondscape and Design in Stratham, New Hampshire -  "I'm a believer!!  I love Russell products!  I'll be using the Hydro Vortex™ system from now on, SOLD!  The Hydro Vortex™ bio-filters are DURABLE!!!  I love Hydro Vortex™!  There's no bending at all during backfilling and ramming soil around the Hydro Vortex™ which was a problem with other manufacturer's products.  Russell products do sell themselves.  I now know that Russell products are truly higher quality than any other brand - and that has convinced me to switch to using Russell products. I can't thank Russell Watergardens & Koi enough!!!!!"

Chris Clay, Store Manager of Nature Perfect Pond and Supply, Lacey Washington -  "We have been installing ponds for about 7 years and in that time have put in many different types of equipment.  When we discovered Russell Watergardens & Koi's Hydro Vortex™ system we stopped using all other types, because we found that it was far superior.  We then decided to open a wholesale and retail outlet and now have 25 contractors installing nothing but Russell equipment.  Contractors are amazed at how much time they save installing this system over other systems!  Retail customers love how easy it is to maintain and the quality of the product."

Mamoru Kodoma of the Kodama Koi Farm of Hawaii and Contributing Author to Koi USA magazine - "Russell Watergardens & Koi pond filtration systems are the 'hardware, and  Kodama Koi Farm's Nishikigoi  is the 'software'.  Our partnership is a perfect match!"

*From a public on-line forum. Download a PDF copy of the Forum page here