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The Building of the Bubble-Less™ Koi Pond

The Bubble-Less Koi Pond by Russell Watergardens & Koi

Russell Watergardens & Koi created the Bubble-Less™ Koi Pond to allow for unobstructed viewing of Koi.

Because there are no air bubbles agitating the pond's surface - the pond is also a spectacular reflection pool too!

Reflections are constantly changing with the changing sky, light, and landscape.

The Bubble-Less™ Koi Pond provides a pristine, calm environment for Koi - the Living Jewels, as well as creating breathtaking reflections. The Bubble-Less™ Koi Pond inspires photography and painting of its majestic beauty. Roll over the photo above to see a schematic drawing of the design and the equipment used.

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The photo gallery on the left is a time-lapse of the Building of the Bubble-Less™ Koi Pond.

Press the play button to view in time-lapse mode, stop on any photo, or scroll through each photo step by step - forwards or backwards.








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