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Replacing Obsolete Pond Skimmers, Waterfall Filters, and
Pondless Gravel Basins with Technologically Advanced Russell Equipment

Replacing Obsolete, Unattractive Pond-side Skimmers with
Remotely Installed HydroClean™ Pond Skimmers

Replacing Obsolete, Hard-to-Clean Waterfall Filters with
Self-Cleaning Hydro Vortex ™ Fully Backwashable Waterfall Filters

Pondless Basin-Ectomy™
Replacing Obsolete, Hard-to-Clean Pondless Gravel Basins with an
Easy-to-Clean HydroSieve™ and HydroChamber™ Combination Pump Chamber and Water Storage.

Obosolete skimmers and filters that customers PAID Russell to replace with Russell equipment!

There is a growing tidal wave of pond and water feature owners all across North America that are replacing their obsolete pond skimmers, waterfall filters, and pondless gravel basins with technologically advanced Russell-Technologies™ equipment.

Pond and pondless water feature owners are happy to upgrade to Russell-Technologies™ - the most technologically advanced, easy-to-clean systems on the market. People understand improvements in technology and regularly upgrade their computers, cell phones, vehicles, and all types of electronics - now they are upgrading their obsolete pond and water feature filtration equipment to technologically advanced Russell Technologies™ equipment.

When thinking of buying pond or pondless system on-line, in your local pond store, or hiring a contractor to build one for you - please consider the added cost of eventually performing an Ectomy™. After all, its your pond or pondless water feature - and you're the one who'll have to clean it - we make it easy for you.

As with any building project ... it is less expensive to

If you own a difficult to clean system - an Ectomy™ will make your cleaning chores much, much easier. If you're considering purchasing a new system - you'll do yourself a big service by first asking this simple question: "How do I clean it?"