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HydroRocks add elegance to all homes and gardens.Birdbath
HydroRock™ Dish Rock Kits

Single HydroRock™ Column Kits

Triple HydroRock™ Column Kits

5 HydroRock™ Column Kits

7 HydroRock™ Column Kits

See How to Build a HydroRock™ Fountain with Stream & Waterfalls

Each HydroRock is pre plumbed for quick and easy pipe attachment.

Each HydroRock™ rock column fountain is custom made using the highest quality, heavy duty materials. Each HydroRock™, rock column while being strong and durable, is less than 20% the weight of a authentic basalt column rock.

HydroRock™ rock column fountains are constructed with nylon fiber reinforced, acrylic blended, high strength concrete that is hand-applied to a galvanized steel mesh frame. The concrete is then acid stained to the look of natural basalt rock.

All sizes of HydroRock™ rock column fountains and Bird Baths are pre-plumbed with black 1½" ABS piping for simple flex pipe attachment.

Convenient outlet port on all HydroRocks!HydroRock™ rock column fountains are designed with hollow bodies and flat bottoms for easy installation. A convenient outlet hole is provided so the flex pipe can exit the HydroRock™ without having to construct an elevated base as with natural basalt rock columns.

HydroRock™ rock column fountains light weight and pre-plumbed features drastically reduce installation time, labor costs, and heavy machinery expense. EachHydroRock™ is easily moved around on a simple hand truck, and can be installed in mere minutes!

Duchess Series HydroRock SystemHydroRock™ rock column fountains are Easy to Install, Easy to Maintain, and make any garden more beautiful! They can also be installed indoors as breathtaking water features that add humidity to the air. Especially popular in dry climates.

Just like real basalt, HydroRock™ rock column fountains get prettier as they age for years and years of trouble free enjoyment! Light them up at night with LED HydroLights™ to extend your enjoyment into the evening! The Duchess HydroRock™ Kit in this photo has a 3 LED HydroLight™ Kit.

No garden or landscape is complete without a HydroRock™ water feature! As stand alone features, or part of larger water features - nothing adds elegance and beauty the way HydroRock™ by Russell Technologies™ can!

A Monarch Series System installed in a large water garden pond.

HydroRock™ rock column fountains can also be installed in ponds as well!

They can be installed as the focal point of a pond instead of waterfalls, or used in conjunction with waterfalls.

HydroRock™ rock column fountains are often used for an Ultra Violet Light water return pipe.

Russell Technologies™ pioneered the faux rock column fountain concept that is rapidly growing throughout North America.