HM-2000 pump is a great choice for water garden pondsThe HM-2000 Magnetic Hybrid Pump is both a submersible pump and an external pump. For use as a submersible pump: Install the pump inside a pond skimmer or pump vault. For use as an external pump: Remove the pebble guard and connect to a flooded pipe with a check valve as you wood any other external pump.

Its electromagnetic motor is neither a direct drive motor, nor a totally magnetic motor. It is a true hybrid pump. The HM-2000 Magnetic Hybrid Pump pushes more water than a magnetic pump, but uses less power than a direct drive motor pump. It bears repeating, the HM-2000 Magnetic Hybrid Pump is a hybrid between a direct drive pump and a magnetic pump.

A direct drive pump like the SH-Series submersible pumps and the C-Series external pumps utilize an electric motor made up of a stator and a rotor. When electricity is applied to the stator, the rotor inside it rotates. The rotor is connected to a shaft that is then attached to an impeller to push water. A submersible pump houses the direct drive motor in a watertight housing with the shaft extending outward through multiple mechanical seals to the impeller. Direct drive motors are have higher total dynamic head pressures than those of magnetic pumps.

A magnetic pump utilizes opposing magnets that when energized cause an impeller shaft to rotate. The shaft itself is a magnet. The opposite magnet is inside a watertight plastic housing. A magnetic pump uses very little power to rotate the impeller shaft and pump water. The drawback is that the strength (total dynamic head) of a magnetic pump is comparatively low. Water is heavy, and magnetic pumps dpn't have the strength to pump water up in the air, or over long pipe runs as compared to a direct drive pump.

HM-2000 Magnetic Hybrid Pump

The HM-2000 Magnetic Hybrid Pump uses an electromagnetic motor, but not a magnetic impeller shaft. It uses an impeller shaft connected to an impeller, but it doesn’t rotate as a result of a stator as with direct drive motors. The result is a pump flow with greater total dynamic head (greater water flow) than a magnetic pump, but more power consumption. It uses less power than a direct drive motor, but has less total dynamic head.

The HM-2000 Magnetic Hybrid Pump is ideal for waterfalls less than 5′ high, and streams less than 10′ long.

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