Pondclear bacteria for lakes and large pondsRemoves Excess Nutrients
and Eliminates Noxious Odors 

  • Enhances water clarity
  • Metabolizes algae-promoting nutrients
  • Metabolizes algae-promoting suspended organics
  • Easy to use water soluble packets

PondClear is an all natural, beneficial bacteria designed to remove excess nutrients and eliminate noxious odors in your pond. It naturally improves pond water by metabolizing suspended organic waste and muck. The bacteria digest organic debris leaving you with water that is clean and clear while promoting a healthy ecosystem. You will achieve great results using these water soluble packets. PondClear packets are easy to apply and are cost effective.

Dosage Rates

 Pond Size PondClear (Every 2 Weeks)
Up To 1/4 Acre 2 Packets
Up To 1/2 Acre 4 Packets
Up To 3/4 Acre 6 Packets
Up To 1 Acre* 8 Packets

*For ponds larger than 1 acre, use 8 packets per surface acre, every 4 weeks.

How To Apply PondClear

DO NOT OPEN PACKETS! Water soluble packets are to be applied directly to the water. Simply toss them out into the water. Distribute packets from shore or boat. PondClear works best when evenly dispersed across the body of water.

When To Apply PondClear

Apply every two weeks when water temperatures are above 50° F. Wait three days after an algaecide and/or herbicide treatment to apply PondClear.


PondClear may be applied to lakes and ponds used for irrigation and aquaculture. Water treated with PondClear may be used for recreation, fishing and other activities immediately after treatment. Safe for recreational ponds, horses, livestock, birds, pets, fish, wildlife and the environment.

Do not apply to water that will be used for human consumption.

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