What are Pond Filter-Ectomies™?

Filter-ectomies BEFORE and AFTER

Replacing Hard to Clean Waterfall Filters
with Easy to Clean Hydro Vortex™ Filters

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  • A 2-man crew can complete the job in 3-6 hours per filter
  • A 1-man crew can complete the job in 4-8 hours per filter
  • Filter-Ectomies™ can be performed on any pond or water feature with an obsolete and hard to clean waterfall filter
  • Allows the owner to easily backwash the  waterfall filter
  • Keeps the pond or water feature much cleaner - less algae!
  • Improves water quality for improved Koi and pond fish health
  • Requires minimal tools - shovel, level, pipe cutter, and screwdriver
  • The Hydro Vortex™ filter completely disappears - inside and out - thus making for more natural looking waterfalls
  • Choice of backwash options: Manual or HydroFlush™ Self-Cleaning Backwash Systems (HydroFlush™ is being installed on this Filter-Ectomy™)
  • The job is easy!
Filter-ectomies how toHow It's Done:
  •  Turn off the pump, drain the filter, and remove the filter media
  • Dig down behind the filter and cut the inlet pipe
  • Disassemble the waterfall rocks
  • Disconnect the liner gasket flange - and separate the liner from the filter
  • Lift the filter out of its position and discard
  • Dig a trench from the filter excavation through the berm behind the filter - for the Hydro Vortex™ filter drain line and valve
    Filter-ectomies remove the hard to clean waterfall filter
    • Install the Hydro Vortex™ filter
    • Attach the drain pipe and inlet pipe
    • Backfill around the filter
    • Attach the liner to the Hydro Vortex filter
    • Rebuild the waterfalls
    • Conceal the top of the filter with river rock and turn the pump on - you're DONE!

    Filter-ectomies installing HydroFlush backwash systemIf installing HydroFlush™ - Continue
    • Expose as section of the main line near the filter
    • Splice in the HydroFlush™ valve into the main line
    • Dig trench from HydroFlush™ to the rear top of the Hydro Vortex™ filter
    • Attach HydroFlush™ line to the backwash port at the top of the Hydro Vortex™ filter and to the backwash side of the HydroFlush™ valve
    • Place valve box over the HydroFlush™ valve
    • Backfill HydroFlush™ pipe trench
    • Install HydroFlush™ froth jet to the inside top of the Hydro Vortex™ filter
    • Conceal the top of the filter with river rock and turn the pump on - you're DONE!

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