How to build it.  We teach you have to build 4 different types of ponds and 2 types of pondless water features.

How to Build It: We show you how to build 4 different types of ponds and 2 types of pondless water features

If you want to know how to build a pond or a pondless water feature, you have come to the right place. Russell Watergardens & Koi has built countless ponds and pondless water features over the years.  We show you how to build pond styles that we invented - Hybrid and Bubble-less ponds.

There are many factors to consider when designing and building a pond. What type of pond you build depends on how you want it to look within your landscape, what type of fish you want, what purpose it will serve and whether you plan to swim in the pond or not.

How to build a pondless waterfall and stream


How to Build a Pondless Waterfall and Stream

Our exclusive pondless waterfall disappears into an easy to clean pre-filter and into an underground water storage tank/pump chamber that can be turned off and on at your discretion. This gives you the peaceful sound of a cascading waterfall without the maintenance of the pond, without fish, without standing water. 

How to build a water garden pond


How to Build a Water Garden Pond

How to build the most popular type of pond - the water garden pond. This type of pond blends into your landscape with an assortment of rocks, plants and fish working together to produce a natural ecosystem. Relatively shallow at about 2' deep, they are the safest types of ponds for children, but provide minimal protection for fish from natural predators. Goldfish are common inhabitants in the water garden pond.

How to build a hybrid pond


How to Build a Hybrid Pond™

The Hybrid Pond™ gives you the natural appearance of rocks in your pond while making for a safer environment for your koi than a water garden pond. Being 3-4' deep, it is a cross between a water garden pond and a Koi pond. It has the "look" of a natural pond in the landscape, but is safer for Koi than a water garden pond. A Russell Watergardens & Koi innovative concept.


How to build a koi pond


How to Build a Koi Pond

A koi pond is essential a big fish tank for koi. This koi pond is 6 feet deep - 2 feet above ground and 4 feet below ground. While it is an item within the landscape - it's not any more a part of the landscape than a pool or hot tub. It does not have any rocks, gravel or elements that could prove harmful for koi. 


How to build a Bubble-less Koi Pond


How to Build a Bubble-Less™ Koi Pond

A Bubble-Less™ Koi Pond and is a stunning reflecting pool and koi pond in one beautiful body of water. External aeration creates a bubble free environment that allows for unobstructed viewing of koi beneath breathtaking reflections of the sky and surrounding landscape. This type of pond is 6-8' deep or more. A Russell Watergardens & Koi innovative concept.


How to build a pondless rock column water feature


How to Build a Pondless Rock Column with a Pool, Stream, and Waterfall

This pondless rock column fountain consists of any number of rock columns cascading into a small pool. The water then exits with pool over a small waterfall down into a meandering stream with another small waterfall. Then the water disappears into the HydroSieve™ pre-filter – to remove leaves and other debris – then passes into the HydroChamber™ where the pump is located.

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