Our brand stands for trust.  Here at Russell Watergardens & Koi we strive to earn your trust each and every day At Russell Watergardens & Koi, we have taken great pride and invested tremendous effort and resources to establish our exceptional brand since 1997.
  • Trust in our products.
  • Trust in our customer service.
  • Trust in our being here for you before, during, and after the sale.

Our brand is at the heart of everything we do. Our brand is based upon our commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience through unparalleled professionalism, innovative products, expertise, and outstanding customer service.

Our customers have come to expect trust, reliability, excitement, fun, and professionalism from us. Our exciting brand creates friendships that in turn create very satisfied and loyal customers who continue to use our products - and who recommend us to others.

Our Brand Value

You can't buy a brand name - it has to be earned.

We've earned ours by carefully building our reputation over years of hard work, innovation, and standing behind everything we do and sell.

With Russell Watergardens & Koi you can count on the highest level of personal service.

Delivering an experience you can only get from Russell ...
the most respected name in water features.

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