Beautiful water garden fish pond with two step waterfalls and a girl hand feeding koi
Beautiful four step waterfalls over boulders into a pond - built by Russell Watergardens

Easy to clean - Backwashable Filter - Multiple Pump Options

Water Garden Pond Kits

The Original Pondless Waterfall that started it all - a four tiered waterfall cascading down with pink bloom plants on the side

Our Ultimate Innovative Easy to Clean

Pondless waterfall kits

Compare Our Ultimate Pondless Waterfall Kit to All Other Brands and You Will Understand Why We're Different - Ours Are Easy to Clean!

Happy koi begging with its mouth open from more Aisuru Koi delicious and healthy koi foodHappy koi begging with its mouth open from more Aisuru Koi delicious and healthy koi food
Aisuru Koi™ Wheat Germ Koi Food  containers with Koi fish in the background
Koi Food - Wheat Germ Aisuru Koi™
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4 Containers of Aisuru Koi™ Staple Koi Food Fortified With Probiotics with Koi fish in the background
Koi Food - Staple Aisuru Koi™
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Aisuru Koi™ Color Enhancer Koi Food containers with Koi fish background
Koi Food-Color Enhancer Aisuru Koi™
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Beautiful clean waterfalls and pond by using HydroClear pond water treatments from Russell Watergardens

For Clean and healthy pond

Hydro Clear Water Treatments

Fish safe, non-toxic water treatments for all types of ponds and pondless water features including beneficial bacteria for every season.

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What Our Customers Say

I was going to purchase the Aquascape system for my pondless waterfall. After reading about your system, I think it would be a better choice.   

Steve R.

Delivering an experience you can only get from Russell ... the most respected name in water features More Design Options. Easier to Install Easy to Clean & Maintain with the Lowest Cost of Ownership.

Outstanding Customer Service Since 1997

John and Pamela Russell donating $10,000 dollars to Children's Hospital on September 11, 2003

Serving our community

Russell Watergardens was founded by John and Pamela Russell with a dedication to outstanding customer service and a commitment to supporting our communities.