Dolphin Series Hybrid Pond Kit with C-5700-2B external pump
Dolphin Series Hybrid Pond Kit with C-5700-2B external pump and auto water fill kit
Dolphin Series Hybrid Pond Kit with C-6300-2B external pump
Dolphin Series Hybrid Pond Kit with C-6300-2B external pump and Auto Water Fill Kit

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Large Hybrid Pond™ Kit Dolphin Series 16'x21'x3'

Sale price$7,927.99
Hybrid Pond™ Kit with HydroFlush & Choice of External Pump:C-5700-2B External Pond Pump
Add a Stream:No Stream
Add an Auto Water Fill Kit:25' Auto Water Fill Kit

Hybrid Pond™ Kits are Part Water Garden Pond - Part Koi Pond

Dolphin Series Hybrid Pond Kit made this Hybrid Pond

What is a Hybrid Pond™?
A Hybrid Pond™ is safer for koi than a water garden pond, but is more natural looking than a koi Pond in the landscape. A "hybrid" of the two, only made possible by the Patented Hydro Vortex™ backwashable Waterfall Filter. If you don't have a backwashable waterfall filter, a remote installation capable pond skimmer, a bottom drain, and a bottom drain pre-filter, a UV, or external aeration - you don't have a Hybrid Pond™.


Dolphin Series Hybrid Pond™ Kit Includes:

  • Dolphin Hydro Vortex™ easy to clean backwashable waterfall filter with 25″ wide waterfalls, filter cleanout kit with 10′ of heavy duty black 1½” flexible PVC pipe, and 1½” stainless steel lever shut-off valve, 7.32 cubic feet of Hydro FilterSilk™ easy to clean filtration media with 2,708 SSA
  • HydroFlush™ backwash system with 1½” flex PVC pipe, 3-way diverter valve and 10" round valve box
  • Piper HydroClean™ Pond Skimmer with stainless steel and nylon leaf net, Black Knight Filter Brush Rack, 6″ inlet pipe, three 2” dual female threaded outlet ports, and one ½” auto water fill valve port. Remote installation capable and fish safe.
  • Hybrid Pond Diagram by Russell Watergardens
    4" Bottom Drain
  • HydroSieve™-PF compact pond sieve filter  for bottom drain
  • 3-way control valve between pond skimmer and pond sieve filter with 10" round valve box
  • PA-6000 pond aeration kit
  • Two 36 watt UV clarifiers with fittings and 2” ball valve
  • Standard valve box for UV's and air pump
  • 50' of heavy duty black 2” flexible PVC pipe
  • Choice of self priming external pumps with integrated leaf trap: C-5700-2B, C-6300-2B
  • 2” Cam-lock check valve assembly with intake strainer
  • 2” Union Spring Check Valve for HydroSieve™
  • 20' x 25' 45 ml EPDM fish-safe rubber pond liner for pond
  • 5' x 5' 45 ml EPDM fish-safe rubber pond liner for waterfalls
  • 775² ft. 15 ml geotextile underlayment
  • Additional pipe, liner, and underlay included for optional Stream Kits
  • PVC glue and primer
  • Tube of 100% silicone sealant
  • 16 oz. can of HydroFoam™ waterfall foam sealant
  • All required PVC fittings
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Choice of Auto Water Fill Kits
  • 6″ skimmer remote installation pipe NOT included
  • Choice of Pumps:
C3540-2B External Pond Pump

Energy Efficient External Pond Pump
5,700 gph max, ¼ Horsepower, 3.13 amps, 360 watts
$20.73 Monthly Operating Cost ($.08/Kw) 
$248.76 Annual Operation Cost (24/7)
3 Year Warranty

C-4620-2B External pond pump

Energy Efficient External Pond Pump
6,300 gph, ⅓ Horsepower, 3.91 amps, 450 watts
$25.92 Monthly Operating Cost ($.08/Kw)
$311.04 Annual Operation Cost (24/7)
3 Year Warranty

Our Exclusive Dolphin Series Hybrid Pond™ Kits make Beautiful ponds
That are Part Water Garden Pond and Part Koi Pond

Hybrid Pond Kit made this beautiful Hybrid Pond

For many years now, there have only been two types of ponds - a water garden pond, or a koi pond. Many online retailers deceptively claim their water garden pond kits are the same as koi pond kits. This is a classic case of "misinformation". The two types of ponds couldn't be more different. A koi pond has a smooth liner bottom with no gravel. Water garden pond bottoms are covered with gravel. A koi pond always has a bottom drain, a water garden pond does not. We have both water garden pond kits, and koi pond kits. We also have a hybrid of the two with our exclusive Hybrid Pond™ Kits. You will see that we combined filtration equipment from a koi pond kit and a water garden pond kit into our Hybrid Pond™ Kits. No other pond kit manufacturer has a Hybrid Pond™ Kit - because they do not have backwashable waterfall filters, or bottom drain pre-filters like we do.

When doing your research online and you want truthful information about pond kits, we suggest you contact a prominent koi club member in your area - and they will tell you that a water garden pond is in no way the same, or even similar to a koi pond. Find a local koi club in your community and ask them yourself by clicking this link: Over the years, we have known several contractors that have been sued by their customers because their customer wanted a koi pond, and the contractor installed a water garden pond instead to the customer's dissatisfaction. Koi ponds have smooth liner bottoms with a bottom drain and no gravel on the bottom. Water garden pond bottoms are covered with gravel and do not have a bottom drain. A koi pond's physical structure is behind the liner. A water garden's structure is rock retaining the earth inside the liner.

This is what led John Russell, the CEO, Company Founder, and product design engineer of Russell Watergardens to invent the Hybrid Pond™ concept. With the Patented Hydro Vortex™ backwashable waterfall filter, also invented by John Russell, the Hybrid Pond™ concept became a reality. Koi ponds all had similar items in common, such as a backwashable pond bio-filter, a bottom drain, skimmer, UV, external aeration, and no rocks or gravel in the pond. So it dawned on John to combine the two and the Hybrid Pond™ was created. Simple as that. A koi pond is the safest form of pond for raising and growing koi. A water garden pond is intended to look more natural than a koi pond in the landscape, but is not the best choice for raising and growing koi.  The Hybrid™ Pond is the best of both worlds together in one pond. See How to Build a Hybrid Pond™ by clicking this link.

Long After the Price has been Forgotten, Value and Piece of Mind are Not

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