Think of Routine Pond Maintenance
Like Routine Lawn Maintenance

Why Once Per Year
Annual Lawn Maintenance is .... BAD

Annual lawn maintenance if badAnnual pond maintenance is bad
  • You only have to mow the grass once per year
  • The lawn looks horrible 51 weeks per year
  • The job will be huge
  • The job will require a large amount of time
  • The job will require a large amount of effort
  • The job will be dirty, and very messy
  • You'll have to dispose of a large amount of waste
  • You'll be exhausted when finished

Why Once Per Week 
Routine Lawn Maintenance is .... GOOD


Routine lawn maintenance is goodRoutine pond maintenance is good
  • You'll mow the lawn weekly
  • The lawn looks great year round
  • The job will be relatively small
  • The job will require less time
  • The job will require less effort
  • The job will be less dirty and messy
  • You'll have less waste
  • You'll have more energy when finished

What Is Routine Pond Maintenance?

Routine pond maintenance is doing simple things routinely throughout the year:

  1. Empty the pond skimmer several times per week
  2. Empty bottom drain pre-filter several times per week (if installed)
  3. Backwash the biofilter several times per month (if you have a waterfall filter that isn't a Hydro Vortex™ - you cannot do this)
  4. Remove trapped debris from the pond, waterfalls, and streams whenever something is visible
  5. Trim aquatic plants as needed
  6. Rinse fresh water into pond gravel (if any) to dislodge debris and mulm and detritus into the pond water before it has a chance to build up. It will then get sucked into the filtration system - then simply repeat steps 1-3 to rid it from the ecosystem

Doing these steps throughout the year will keep your pond clean and fresh all year long and thus eliminating the need for a total disruptive pond cleanout.  Your pond will be more attractive and your fish will be happier and healthier.

You could mow your lawn just once per year .... but why would you?  You'd have an eyesore for a lawn.  You could clean your pond just once per year ... but why would you? 

Routine maintenance of lawns and ponds is much easier, takes less effort,
and produces much less waste than annual maintenance. 

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