Pond Resources, Calculations, and Information

Pond and pondless information

Compare Pond Kits

Compare a HydroChamber™ with Eco Blox and Aqua Blox
For pondless water feature water storage

Replacing Obsolete, Hard to Clean, Fish Deadly, Unattractive Pond-side Skimmers with Remotely Installed, Easy to Clean, Fish Safe HydroClean™ Pond Skimmers

Replacing Obsolete, Hard-to-Clean Waterfall Filters
with Patented Self-Cleaning Hydro Vortex ™ Fully Backwashable Waterfall Filters

Pondless Basin-Ectomy™
Replacing Obsolete, Hard-to-Clean Pondless Gravel Basins
with an Easy-to-Clean HydroSieve™ and HydroChamber™

Electrical Power Costs
Monthly Operation Costs of Pumps and Other Electrical Devices

Water Volume
How Much Water in the Pond, Plumbing, Filtration System, Waterfalls, and Stream

Liner Size
What Size Liner Do I Need?

Waterfall Flow Rates
What Size Pump Do I Need?

How to Choose the Correct Pipe Size
How does pipe size affect pump efficiency?

How Many Fish Can I Have In My Pond?
Is it based on water volume or my filtration system?

Koi and Pond Fish Weight
Weight by length

Koi Glossary of Words, Colors, and Types

Specific Surface Area (SSA)
What is it and why is it so important in pond keeping?

Pond Maintenance

Pondless Waterfall Maintenance

How do Under Gravel Filters Work? What is an Under Gravel Filter, and Why do they Fail?

What Should You DO with an Under Gravel Filter?

Why “Annually” Cleaning a Pond is BAD

Why Routine Pond Maintenance is GOOD

The TRUTH About “Annually” Cleaned Waterfall Filters

What is a Hybrid Pond™?

Metabolization Rates of Biofilters
How Much Ammonia and Waste do Biofilters Metabolize?

What is SSA?
What is Specific Surface Area, and Why is it Important?

Biofilter Media SSA
How Much Surface Area Contained in Bio-Media?

1,000 Gallon Factor
Water Volume Adjustment?