One HydroChamber holds as much water as to water storage matrix blocks

HydroChamber™ vs. Matrix Blocks


Pump Vault-Water Storage Tank Combo
Matrix Block
Hollow Water storage Crate
37" tall x 26" diameter 27"l x 16"w x 17½"h
75 Gallon Capacity 32 Gallon Capacity
Holds Water Does NOT Hold Water
Houses Two Pumps Requires Slotted Pump Vaults
Auto Water Fill Valve Ready Not Auto Water Fill Valve Capable
Two 2" Threaded Outlet Ports No Outlet Ports
Connects to HydroSieve™ Pre-Filter Uses Rock and Gravel as the Pre-Filter
Can Be Installed Away From the Waterfall Can Only Be Installed Under the Waterfall
Heavy Duty, Easy Access Lid Included Must Be Covered with Rock and Gravel
Easy to Clean Hard to Clean


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