Pondless styles: Pondless waterfalls.

Pondless Waterfalls

Pondless styles: Pondless waterfalls with a stream.

Pondless Falls & Stream

Pondless styles: Pondless waterfalls and shallow pool.

Pondless Falls & Pool

Pondless styles: Pondless rock columns.

Pondless Rock Columns

    and are EASY TO CLEAN!

Multiple Ultimate Pondless Waterfall Styles

 All Ultimate pondless styles come with a HydroSieve pre-filter and a HydroChamber "all-in-one" pump vault and water storage tank.

We've created multiple pondless styles for you to choose from. No matter what pondless style you choose, you can rest assured that it will provide you with unlimited design options and be easy to clean.

At the heart of each pondless style is a HydroChamber™ and HydroSieve™ Pre-Filter. The HydroChamber™ houses the pump and stores all the water when the pump is turned off.

Water in each of our Ultimate pondless styles passes through the HydroSieve™ pre-filter before reaching the HydroChamber. Debris that falls into, washes into, or gets blown into the pondless water feature will be captured by the HydroSieve™. Simply remove the stainless steel filter basket and rinse it out. This prevents the debris from getting trapped down in the rocks to feed unsightly algae as with all conventional pondless systems.

Our pondless styles include a HydroChamber™ and HydroSieve™ pre-filter.




Ultimate pondless systems provide designers, installers, and end-users unlimited design options. From waterfalls, to streams, to pools, to rock columns or other types of fountains. You can have the pump chamber and pre-filter connected together, or separated with pipe.  You can install them adjacent to, or away from the water feature itself.


How would you clean this pondless waterfall?

All conventional pondless styles utilize rock and gravel for the basin. The rock and gravel performs as a pre-filter trapping debris.  

The question everyone should ask be purchasing a conventional gravel based pondless system is:
"How do I clean it?"

Conventional pondless styles are hard to clean and produce excessive algae.


The problem with conventional pondless styles is that they're all the same. They all utilize a large excavation filled with underlayment, rubber liner, a slotted pump vault, matrix units, and lots of rock and gravel. Conventional pondless styles are labor intensive to build and extremely difficult to clean. How do you remove the debris that gets trapped down inside the rock and gravel? If you don't remove it, it feeds algae like crazy! No one wants to have an algae covered pondless water feature.

With our ULTIMATE pondless system the HydroSieve™ will trap debris for easy removal and cleaning. No more trying to hand pick rock and gravel basins clean. The HydroSieve™ removes debris from your pondless water feature before it can feed algae or clog your pump!

ULTIMATE Pondless Systems are EASY to CLEAN
Clean Pondless Water Features = Happy Owners!
Easy to Clean Pondless Water Features = Lower Cost of Ownership!

Our pondless styles feature a HydroSieve pre-filter and a HydroChamber pump chamber tank.

ULTIMATE pondless styles are the most advanced available. What makes our pondless styles the most advanced? The Ultimate pondless system replaces the rock and gravel basins required by conventional pondless systems with an innovative pre-filter and tank system. Water passes through a HydroSieve™ pre-filter where debris is captured for simple, easy removal. The HydroChamber™ "all-in-one" water storage tank and pump vault houses the pump and stores all the water of the pondless water feature.

The Original pondless waterfall that kick started the revolution.

This photo of the Original pondless waterfall - created by Russell Watergardens in 2001 - has been seen around the world. It is credited for starting the pondless waterfall phenomenon. This Original pondless style is now what we refer to as a "conventional" pondless style. While it was beautiful at the time, it proved to be difficult to clean. The Ultimate pondless system now makes every pondless style easier to clean and maintain.

All pondless systems or kits that use a slotted pump vault and a rubber lined basin filled with rock and gravel - with or without water matrix blocks (aqua blocks) is going to difficult to clean and maintain.

Do yourself a favor when shopping for or researching pondless kits or systems and ask this simple question:

"How Do I Clean It?"

With any Russell Ultimate pondless style .... you KNOW the answer!
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