The Ultimate Pondless fountain is easy to install and easy to clean.

Ultimate Pondless Fountains

(Roll your mouse over, or click the diagram) Ultimate pondless fountain is a rock column fountain without a pond. Pretty simple concept. Pondless fountain rock columns are for those that want the look and sound of a falling water, but don't want a pond.

Pondless Fountain Rock Columns are for people who want to add a little elegance and flair to their landscape. You get the sound of falling water, but without a “waterfall”. They are super easy to maintain with the Ultimate pondless pre-filter and tank system.

Ultimate pondless fountain rock columns

It’s best to install pondless fountain rock columns in odd numbers: 1,3,5,7, and so on. There is minimal excavation, little space required, and the average homeowner or contractor can easily install them! Faux basalt columns are even easier! All the plumbing lines are hidden from view.

When they’re turned off, all the water disappears into the HydroChamber™. There is no standing water!

When the pump is turned on, water is pumped from the HydroChamber™ and bubbles upward out of the top of the pondless fountain rock columns and cascades down the sides into a shallow pool or decorative stones.

Ultimate pondless fountain  rock columns ar easy to clean

The water then travels to the Hydro Sieve™ to capture debris into an easy to clean filter basket. Water then passes back to the HydroChamber™.

Pondless fountain rock columns are plumbed with their own ball valve to “dial-in” just the right amount of water flow. They are especially attractive at night when they’re lit up.

Pondless fountain rock columns are an elegant way to add the magic sound of falling water into any garden or landscape!

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