Multiple Pond Styles Give You More Options

Water Garden Ponds


Pond Styles: Water garden pond


Koi Ponds


Pond Styles: Koi pond


Hybrid Ponds™


Pond Styles: Hybrid Pond - a Russell Watergardens & Koi invention.


Crossover Ponds™


Pond Styles: Crossover pond - a Russell Watergardens & Koi invention.


Bubble-less Koi Ponds™


Pond Styles: Bubble-less koi pond - a Russell Watergardens & Koi invention.


More Pond Styles

More Pond Designs

More Installation Options

All are Easy to Clean

Russell Watergardens Pond Styles

Whatever your pond needs may be, Russell Watergardens & Koi has a pond style, equipment, and kit for you

Hybrid Pond™, CrossOver Pond™, and Bubble-Less Koi Pond™ are all exclusive pond styles & concepts invented, designed, and created by Russell Watergardens & Koi.

We've created many pond styles for you to choose from so that you can have a pond that fits you best. Water Garden Ponds are the most widely installed pond style. Koi Ponds are the most widely install pond style for those who raise "high-end" koi.

For decades, you only had those two pond styles to choose from. You had to have one or the other. We here at Russell Watergardens weren't satisfied with that. With the invention of our patented Hydro Vortex™ back-washable waterfall filter, and our patented HydroFlush™ backwash system we were able to create new pond styles.

With the advent our our patented waterfall filter and backwash system, we were able to create two new pond styles:
The Hybrid Pond™ and Cross Over Pond™.

  • The Hybrid Pond™ pond style is a cross between a Water Garden Pond and a Koi Pond
  • The Cross Over Pond™ pond style is a cross between a Hybrid Pond™ and a Koi Pond

  • The Hybrid Pond™ and CrossOver Pond™ pond styles can only be constructed using our patented Hydro Vortex™ waterfall filter and HydroFlush™ backwash system.

    Koi Ponds have long been the preferred pond style for raising koi. But, the problem with traditional koi ponds is the requirement of submerged aeration. The air bubbles rise and agitate the water surface. The agitated water surface disrupts and distorts koi viewing.

    So how do you oxygenate the water in a koi pond without agitating the water surface? We asked ourselves that question and found a creative answer.

    Russell Watergardens invented the Ultimate Pondless Waterfall System that has a unique feature. The Ultimate Pondless System uses an "All-in-One" pump vault and water storage tank - the HydroChamber™. What does that have to do with a Bubble-Less Koi Pond?

    First, lets discuss "why" we aerate a koi pond. To dissolve oxygen into the water and to enhance circulation. Simple. Submerged aeration blows thousands of tiny air bubbles into the water to saturate the water with oxygen. The rising bubbles pull water upward creating a "bottom-up" water current.

    How do we do both of those things without agitating the pond's surface? Again, simple. We oxygenate the water outside the pond .... in-line with the plumbing. We position the water return lines to the pond in such a way that it turns the entire pond into a "vortex". This vortex is a circular water motion that creates an "up-to-down" water current.

    We install the HydroChamber™ after the biological filter stage and before the pond returns. We use the HydroChamber™ to create a waterfall inside the tank to "de-gas" the water as it falls into the tank. We place the aeration system's air stones inside the HydroChamber™ to oxygenate the water. Water then exits the bottom of the tank into the pond return lines.

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