CrossOver Ponds™ are big, bold, and beautiful!


What is a Crossover Pond™?

The CrossOver Pond™ "crosses over" between a Hybrid Pond™ and a Koi Pond. The CrossOver Pond™ is for serious Koi keepers who want a stunningly beautiful pond between 5' and 12' deep with large boulders and breathtaking waterfalls at the same time.

Russell Watergardens created the Crossover Pond™ concept to fill the gap between the Hybrid Pond™ and the Koi Pond. While Hybrid Ponds™ are safer for koi than Water Garden Ponds, Crossover™ Ponds are safer for koi and allow for koi to grow larger than Hybrid Ponds™, but are more attractive in the landscape than Koi Ponds.

Crossover Ponds™ and Hybrid Ponds™ both utilize the patented Hydro Vortex™ filtration systems. Only the pond style itself - the depth and cosmetics are different. Crossover Ponds™ are deeper than Hybrid Ponds™.

Big, bold, elegant ponds that make a statement.

Crossover Ponds™ have minimum 5' depths whereas Hybrid Ponds™ typically have 3' minimum depths

A Hybrid Pond™ has no gravel on the bottom, similar to a Koi Pond, but the Hybrid Pond™ uses smooth boulders inside the liner to retain the earth. A Crossover Pond™, similar to both Koi pond and Hybrid Ponds™ has no gravel.

The Crossover Pond™, unlike the Hybrid Pond™, retains the earth behind the liner - similar to a Koi Pond. The Crossover Pond™ only has large decorative boulders on a small marginal plant ledge inside the liner around the pond's perimeter.

CrossOver Ponds™ make a statement!

CrossOver Ponds™ are big, beautiful ponds!
 You can swim with koi in a Crossover Pond™! 

 The Crossover Pond's™ pond boulders are typically "3-4 man" sized stretching 36"-48" across. The boulders are used to soften the look of an otherwise Koi Pond. The Crossover Pond™ has waterfalls similar to a Hybrid Pond™ - but larger in size and scale due to the larger water volume and koi loading that requires an increased number of patented Hydro Vortex™ waterfall filters.

All aquatic plants - except floaters, are planted in aquatic plant baskets - and only on the marginal shelf between the large boulders. 

You can swim with your koi in a CrossOver Pond™!



Russell Watergardens & Koi is the leader of innovative and cutting edge pond concepts, pond designs, and easy to clean filtration systems. Russell Watergardens & Koi is the creator of the CrossOver Pond™, the Hybrid Pond™, and Bubble-Less™ Koi Pond design concepts. Whichever pond style you prefer, you can rest assured that it is designed to be easy to clean and give you years of enjoyment.

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