"To provide exceptional customer service with a professional, educational, and fun
shopping experience, that creates happy customers who return again, and again."

Our mission statement and core values ensure you quality.


We take our mission statement seriously. Caring about quality is in everything we do and we never stop trying to do things better than they've ever been done before. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and thoroughness.

A good reputation is difficult to attain. A reputation for industry leading innovation and exceptional customer service is even harder. Which is why it must be earned each and every day with each and every customer. Here at Russell Watergardens & Koi we've earned our reputation by constantly asking ourselves one question: How can we improve the customer's experience?

Russell Watergardens & Koi provides better value through innovative products that are easier to install, and easier to maintain. Our products have the lowest cost of ownership - saving you time, money, and effort. We help you spend more time enjoying your pond or water feature .... and less time maintaining it!

The Russell Watergardens & Koi brand can be defined as one simple word:

Russell Watergardens & Koi ....  The Relentless Pursuit of the Ultimate Customer Experience.

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