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Pondless waterfall diagram

What is a pondless waterfall?

A pondless waterfall is a waterfall without a pond. Pretty simple concept. For small pondless waterfall ideas, a pondless waterfall is for those that want the look and sound of a waterfall, but don't want a pond.

The waterfall is created using a patented Hydro Vortex™ waterfall filter. Water wells up through the filter then cascades down over rocks and boulders. The water disappears into an easy to clean HydroSieve™ pre filter. Water passes through the HydroSieve™ down into a HydroChamber™ underground water tank. There is no standing water!

Pondless waterfalls are child friendly


Pondless waterfalls make a beautiful addition to any landscape
and help cover road and neighborhood noise

A pondless waterfall is child friendly. A pondless waterfall is the safest water feature you can have. This is especially important if there are small children present. You can install a pondless waterfall anywhere. Front yard, backyard, courtyard ..... anywhere you would want the sites and sounds of beautiful waterfalls without a pond.

Pondless waterall diagram of how the Ultimate pondless waterfall works and how it is different from all the others.

Unlimited Design Options with
Modular Pondless Waterfall Components

The Ultimate pondless waterfall kit gives you unlimited design options: Design the waterfall in one section of the landscape and remotely install the HydroSieve™ pre-filter in another location, and remotely install the HydroChamber™ water storage tank in yet another location. Ultimate pondless waterfall kits are modular to provide you with ultimate flexibility in your design.

Ultimate Pondless Waterfall Kits are
Easy to Clean!

Each and every Ultimate pondless waterfall kit comes with a HydroSieve™ pre-filter that captures debris. No longer is rock and gravel used as a pre-filter as with conventional pondless waterfall its.

The Ultimate pondless waterfall kits are designed to give the designer more installation options, and for the end-user to be able to easily clean and maintain themselves. Ultimate pondless waterfalls give installers more creative design options.

Ultimate Pondless Waterfall Kits are
the Most Advanced
Pondless Waterfall Kits 

  Ultimate Pondless Waterfall Kit

Ultimate Pondless Waterfall Kit Features:

  • HydroSieve™ pre-filter to capture leaves, needles, and debris into a 316 Stainless Steel filter basket for easy cleaning
  • HydroChamber™ pump chamber and water storage basin in one convenient tank - eliminating the need for large storage basin excavations, basin underlayment, basin liner, pump vault, water storage blocks, and rock
  • Hydro Vortex™ backwashable biological vortex waterfall filter to capture and remove fine particulates and to metabolize dust, pollen, bird waste, and other organics from the water
  • Easier pump access
  • Submersible and external pump compatible

The Problems with Conventional Pondless Waterfall Kits

Pondless waterfall diagram.

Conventional pondless waterfall feed algae.  Algae covered pondless waterfalls are an eyesore.
The biggest complaint that people have with conventional pondless waterfall kits is algae.

All conventional pondless waterfall kits use rock and gravel as the pre-filter - whether over water storage matrix blocks (such a Aqua Blox) or not. The rock and gravel acts as the pre-filter. The rocks and gravel trap debris that falls or blows into the pondless waterfall reservoir basin. Decaying debris caught in the rock and gravel feeds algae. Algae covered waterfalls are an eyesore!


Another complaint people have with conventional pondless waterfall kits is that they have no other design alternatives. The gravel covered water reservoir basin must always be located the base of the waterfall. They offer no other alternative.

Ultimate Pondless Waterfall Kits are Different!

Ultimate pondless waterfalls let you install the pre-filter in one location and the water storage tank in another location, and both can be located away from the end of the waterfalls - giving you maximum design opportunities.

The Ultimate Pondless Waterfall Kit is
a System for Removing Debris BEFORE it Causes Algae

At the heart of every Ultimate pondless waterfall kit system is the revolutionary HydroSieve™ pre-filter and HydroChamber™ pump chamber/water storage tank. Also featured is the easy to clean - fully backwashable Hydro Vortex™ Waterfall Filter. Combined with the HydroFlush™ Backwash System, you can clean your Ultimate Pondless Waterfall Kit in seconds without ever getting your hands wet or dirty!

Ultimate pondless waterfall kit systems utilize the HydroSieve™ pre-filter to capture leaves, needles, lawn clippings, blossoms, and other debris. Simply empty the HydroSieve's™ stainless steel filter basket. The easy way to maintain a pondless waterfall.

The Ultimate pondless system is modular. It provides you with the most design options. Conventional pondless waterfalls always have the pump inside a slotted pump vault located in the gravel basin at the base of the waterfalls. You then have to bring electrical power service close to the gravel basin.

The Ultimate pondless waterfall kit system lets you install the HydroChamber™ near where you already have electrical service - even if it's away from the waterfall! You can have the HydroSieve™ next to or away from the waterfall, and the HydroChamber™ next to the HydroSieve™, or away from it! It is all connected by underground pipe!

Conventional Pondless Waterfall Kits Just Can't Compare

Conventional pondless waterfalls can only be cleaned by hand.You can only clean a conventional pondless waterfall by hand.








Advantages of the Ultimate Pondless Waterfall Kit System

Ultimate pondless waterfalls are modular.

The HydroChamber™ “all-in-one” pump vault and water storage tank provides unlimited pondless waterfall design options. The Ultimate pondless waterfall kit system is modular. You have complete creative design control of where you want your pump and water storage for your pondless waterfall.

If you choose, it can be at the base of your pondless waterfall. The most creative place to put your pump and water storage is completely away from the end of your waterfall. HydroChambers™ “daisy-chain” together for unlimited water volume storage.

Ultimate pondless waterfall kits are super easy to clean.


With the Ultimate pondless waterfall kit system, you no longer are required to have the pump and water storage reservoir at the base of your pondless waterfalls.

Ultimate pondless waterfall kits combine both a HydroChamber™ and HydroSieve™ pre-filter to replace conventional rock and gravel filled water reservoir basins. The Ultimate pondless waterfall kit system is so easy to clean that anyone can do it! A clean pondless waterfall is simply more beautiful. Your pondless waterfalls will be a joy to own and be appreciated instead of being a dreaded maintenance nightmare.


The lid on the HydroChamber resembles an irrigation valve box cover.

The HydroChamber’s™ non-obtrusive lid resembles a typical round irrigation valve box found in landscapes everywhere. The HydroChamber™ becomes virtually “invisible” in the landscape away from your pondless waterfall while remaining easy to access. The HydroChamber™ “all-in-one” pump vault water storage tank can be installed anywhere you choose.

The HydroChamber is strong and durable.


Strong and durable rotationally moldy HDPE direct burial water tank - shown easily supporting over 400 pounds of strong pond builder men! The HydroChamber™ All-in-One Pondless Pump Vault Water Storage Tank lets you install it anywhere in your landscape. Instead of bringing electrical power to where you want your pondless waterfall, the HydroChamber™ can be installed where you already have electrical power!

HydroChamber™ All-in-One Pondless Pump Vault Water Storage Tank provides you with complete pondless waterfall design freedom. The HydroChamber™ eliminates the requirement of having a large excavation with the pump and water storage in two separate devices contained within liner. It also provides you unlimited creativity for your pondless waterfall design.

Cleaning Ultimate Pondless Waterfall Kits

This is the easy way to clean pondless waterfall pre-filters Ultimate pondless waterfalls include a stainless steel filter basket inside the pre-filter to capture debris for easy removal.

The HydroChamber™ pairs with the HydroSieve™ pondless pre-filter for ease of cleaning. All conventional pondless waterfall kits use river rock as the pre-filter to the aqua blocks and slotted pump vault. The waterfall forces debris deep down into the river rock. NOT SO with the Ultimate Pondless Waterfall! The water forces the debris into the Hydro Sieve™. All you have to do is remove the stainless steel basket from the Hydro Sieve™ and hose it out! Compare THAT with hand picking debris from the rocks!

Two Questions You Need to Ask BEFORE
Purchasing or Installing a Conventional Rock Filled Pondless Waterfalls:

1. How do I clean the tree needles, flower blossoms, cottonwood tree and dandelion seeds, bird poop, and dead worms from conventional rock filled pondless waterfall basin?
2. What happens if I don’t clean it?

Conventional pondless waterfalls gravel basins can only be clean by hand!You can only remove leaves from conventional pondless pondless waterfalls by hand!The only way to remove Cottonwood tree seeds, Dandelion seeds, bird poop, and dead worms from conventional pondless waterfalls is by hand!  Gross!

The answer to the first question is:
By Hand!

The only way to remove leaves, tree needles, mulch, grass clippings, flower blossoms, windblown seeds such as cottonwood and dandelions,
bird poop, dead insects, dead worms, bird feathers, and other debris from a conventional pondless waterfall basin is … by hand!   


Conventional pondless waterfalls trap debris in the gravel basin that if not removed by hand will grow excessive algae and become an eyesore.Conventional pondless waterfall kits grow excessive algae on the waterfalls that becomes a maintenance nightmare and an eyesore.

The answer to the
second question is:
Algae, and lots of it!


Debris decaying down inside the rock of a conventional pondless waterfall reservoir basin smells terrible and grows algae like crazy! Algae grows on waterfall rocks, rocks and gravel, and the basin rock itself. To control the algae, you’ll have to hand pick debris from the gravel basin, pay someone to do it for you, or apply large amounts of expensive algaecides regularly. This drastically adds to the cost of ownership of this type of pondless waterfall. Ultimate pondless waterfall kits save you these costs and lowers your cost of ownership!

Another conventional pondless waterfall diagram

The Problems with Conventional Pondless Waterfall Kits

  • Require Large Excavations
  • Limited Design Options
  • Virtually Impossible to Clean
  • Grow Excessive Algae
  • Become Maintenance Nightmares
  • Become Eyesores
  • Clog Over Time
  • Eventually Need Total Replacement
  • Higher Cost of Ownership

All conventional pondless waterfall kits require the slotted pump vault and gravel filled water storage reservoir basin to be at the foot of the pondless waterfall. They offer no creative pondless waterfall design options. You have no choice with your pondless waterfall design. The slotted pump vault and water storage basin must always be installed at the base of your pondless water feature. You have no other option.

No matter the pondless waterfall kit brand: Aquascape, Easy Pro, Savio, Atlantic, Pond Builder, American Pond, Little Giant, Proline, Danner, and others …. they ALL utilized conventional rock and gravel filled reservoir basins. Some use gravel covered matrix blocks - and the results are the same - hard to clean so they grow excessive algae. 

Conventional pondless waterfall kits can only be cleaned by hand.

Conventional Pondless Waterfall Rock & Gravel Reservoir Basins
Are Difficult to Clean

Conventional pondless waterfall gravel basins are difficult, if not impossible clean. Water is a magnet for wind blown debris. Even if you don't have trees, plants, flowers, lawn, or any type of landscaping whatsoever near your pondless waterfall.


The wind will blow tree needles, cottonwood seeds, blossoms, leaves, dust, mulch, and more into your pondless waterfall. Conventional pondless waterfall rock and gravel reservoir basins will capture all that debris. The force of the waterfalls will drive it down into the rocks.

Debris trapped in the gravel basin will decay and feed algae. Over time it will eventually clog. This will happen with all brands of conventional pondless waterfall kits. Ultimate pondless waterfall kits let you easily remove debris BEFORE it can feed algae.

Conventional Pondless Waterfall Reservoir Basins
Require Large Excavations

Conventional pondless waterfall kits require large excavationsWhy would anyone want to dig a huge hole in the ground only to fill it back up with underlayment, liner, multiple pump vaults, water storage aqua blocks, and tons of rock? The cost of the rock, gravel, pump vaults, aqua blocks …. AND the labor to dig the huge hole and to place all these things in it is much higher than a single HydroChamber™ All-in-One Pondless Pump Chamber Water Storage Tank.

The HydroChamber™ is designed to house up to two pumps AND two aqua blocks worth of water storage in one single unit. It is also a direct burial tank so underlayment, liner, and rock is NOT required. Unlike the slotted pump vaults shown in this photo at the base of the water feature, the HydroChamber™ can be installed in a remote location away from the pondless water feature.

HydroChamber and HydroSieve excavation size is much smaller than conventional pondless waterfalls.


With the combined pump vault and water storage tank configuration of the HydroChamber™, the pondless waterfall basin excavation can be significantly smaller than conventional pondless waterfall water storage basins. A smaller pondless basin requires less labor, saving you installation time and money.

With the “all-in-one” pump vault and water storage tank configuration of the HydroChamber™, the pondless waterfall basin can be significantly smaller than conventional pondless waterfall water storage basins.

One HydroChamber replaces liner, underlayment, rock, pump vault, and matrix blocks in pondless waterfalls.


Conventional pondless waterfall kit basins consist of a slotted pump vault, water matrix blocks, liner, underlayment, rock, and gravel. The HydroSieve and HydroChamber replace all that in a smaller space. A smaller pondless basin requires less labor, saving you installation time and money.

As the two sayings go: ... "You get what you pay for!"
"Pay me now .... or pay me later!"

What do you mean ... "Pay me later"?

Conventional Pondless Waterfall “Basin-Ectomy”

The only way to correct a clogged conventional pondless waterfall gravel basin is to dig it up.The only way to prevent conventional pondless waterfalls from clogging with debris is to replace them with Ultimate pondless waterfalls.


Over time, not even algaecides can solve the clogging problem. The river rock pre-filter required by all conventional pondless waterfall kits, no matter what they’re called – Pondless Waterfalls, Just-a-Falls, Pond-Free, No-Pond, Zero-Pond – they ALL become clogged over time.


When the gravel and river rock gets clogged, water flow to the pump becomes restricted. Eventually the pump can pump water out faster than it can return – causing the pump run dry and burn out. The cost of repeatedly replacing a burned out pump significantly increases the cost of ownership of conventional pondless waterfalls.

The only way to fix algae-ridden conventional pondless waterfalls is to replace them with Ultimate pondless waterfall kits.Completely replacing conventional pondless waterfall kits with Ultimate pondless waterfall kits will lower you cost of ownership and save you money over time.

The only remedy to this problem is the complete dismantling of the rock and gravel pondless waterfall  basin. This is known as a Pondless “Basin-Ectomy”. It is the complete dismantling and removal of the clogged gravel, matrix blocks, slotted pump vault, basin liner, and basin underlayment and replacing them with Ultimate system equipment. Choose the Ultimate pondless waterfall kit system from Russell Professional Products and save time, effort, and money!

The Hydro Chamber and HydroSieve replace a slotted pump vault, two matrix blocks, and hundreds of pounds of rockThe Hydro Chamber and Hydro Sieve become nearly invisible but still with easy access for cleaning


An Easy to Clean Pondless Waterfall is Much Less Expensive to Own
Long After a Cheap Price is Forgotten, Value and Piece of Mind are Not

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