What are Pondless Water Reservoir Basin-Ectomies™?

Pondless Basin-Ectomies are replacing hard to clean pondless gravel basins with easy to clean Hydro Sieve filter and Hydro Chamber pump vault/water storage tank

Replacing Obsolete Hard to Clean
Pondless Rock and Gravel Reservoir Basins with
Easy to Clean Hydro Sieve™ Filter and HydroChamber™

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  • A 2-man crew can complete the job in 2-4 hours
  • A 1-man crew can complete the job in 4-8 hours
  • Replaces hard-to-clean gravel basins with an easy-to-clean HydroSieve™ pre-filter and HydroChamber™
  • Requires minimal tools - shovel, level, and soil
  • Reduces the basin space
  • Completely modular to fit any application
  • Drastically improves water quality
  • Less Algae!
  • Allows owners to clean their pondless systems themselves in just seconds
  • Replaces gravel filled basins, water blocks, and perforated pump vaults that allow gravel to reach the pump
Pondless Basin-Ectomies make cleaning pondless waterfalls much easierHow It's Done:
  • Remove any aquatic plants from the gravel basin area
  • Remove the boulders
  • Remove the gravel
  • Remove the pump vault
  • Remove the water blocks (if installed)
  • Remove the under gravel pipe (if installed)
  • Remove the basin liner
  • Remove the basin underlayment
  • Now you're ready for the next steps
  • Reshape the excavation
  • Install the HydroChamber™
  • Install the HydroSieve™ pre-filter and connect it to the HydroChamber™
  • Install the optional auto fill valve
  • Connect the main plumbing line to the HydroChamber™
  • Install the pump inside the HydroChamber™
  • Backfill the HydroChamber™ and HydroSieve™ with soil
  • Fill in the remaining excavation space with soil
  • Contour the soil for the stream, pool, or waterfall in front of the HydroSieve™ inlet pipe
  • Attach the liner to HydroSieve™ inlet pipe
  • Install rocks or boulders
  • Replant any aquatic plants
  • Install gravel mixture
  • Fill the HydroChamber™ with water and turn the pump on
  • Cut off excess liner - roll extra under itself
  • Cover all remaining exposed liner with gravel mixture
  • Rinse the rock and gravel down towards the HydroSieve™
  • If you have a Hydro Vortex™ waterfall filter - perform a backwash
  • If not, perform a Filter-Ectomy™ so you can!
Pondless Basin-Ectomies make owning pondless waterfall less expensive and more of a joy.Ultimate Pondless Basin Ectomies:
  • Features both mechanical AND biological filtration for the highest water quality
  • Super easy to clean: Empty and rinse the HydroSieve™ (60 seconds), rinse the stream and backwash the Hydro Vortex™ filter weekly
  • Leaves, grass clippings, needles, blossoms, bird waste, dust, pollen, dead bugs and worms can all be easily removed from the ULTIMATE pondless system before they can feed algae!
  • Gravel basins do not provide an easy means of removing those organics
  • The ULTIMATE pondless system is the easiest to clean pondless system ever created! 

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