The TRUTH About “Annually Cleaned" Waterfall Filters

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Ultimate Water Garden Pond Kits Features:

  • Patented Hydro Vortex™ Backwashable Biological Waterfall Filter with highest in-class SSA
  • Choice of Manual Backwash or Patented HydroFlush™ Self-Cleaning Backwash System
  • Hydro FilterSilk™ easy to clean, high surface area bio media
  • Easy to install and disguise liner gasket flange
  • Filter Drain Kit Included - 1½' stainless steel lever valve, 10' of 1½" flexible PVC pipe, and 1½" PVC male pipe adaptor
  • HydroClean™ Pond Skimmer - fish safe, remote installation capable, auto water fill valve ready
  • Easy to install "one-nut" rubber liner collar
  • Choice of submersible or external pump
  • Choice of pump flow rates
  • Easy open cam-lock check valve assembly
  • Heavy duty flexible PVC pipe
  • Heavy duty 45 mil EPDM fish safe rubber pond liner
  • Heavy duty 15 mil geotextile underlayment for liner protection
  • All PVC fittings
  • Flexible PVC pipe glue
  • PVC primer
  • HydroFoam™ charcoal colored waterfall foam
  • No additional media required
  • No specialty tools required for assembly
  • Ultimate water garden pond kits

    A Water Garden Pond Kit is
    Only as Beautiful
    as it can be Maintained.
    Ultimate Water Garden Pond Kits are
    Easy to Clean and Give You More Design Options

    A Clean and Fresh Water Garden Pond is not only More Beautiful ...
    A Clean and Fresh Water Garden Pond is
    Healthier for Koi, Pond Fish, Wildlife, and Pets  


    Ultimate Water Garden Backyard Pond Kits make building a water garden pond simple. Everything needed to build a water garden pond is contained in each pond waterfall kit. Featuring patented technology for the cleanest, healthiest, and freshest water in your backyard water garden pond kit  possible. 

    Ultimate pond kits give your more design optionsUltimate Waterfall Pond Kit
    Provides Ultimate Value

    Ultimate Water Garden Pond Kits are Fish Safe. Each HydroClean™ Pond Skimmer included with each water garden kit has a completely unique and revolutionary inlet pipe. The inlet pipe not only makes attaching rubber pond liner far more simple, it also replaces the weir door that is found on virtually all other pond skimmers. Weir doors on typical pond skimmers let fish into the skimmer, but not back out. Fish often get fatally trapped inside typical pond skimmers. HydroClean Pond Skimmers won’t harm or kill your beloved fish.

    All HydroClean™ Pond Skimmers are remote installation capable for a more natural looking pond edge. You can have your pond on one side of a patio and the pond skimmer on the other side out of view. Only HydroClean™ Pond Skimmers can attach to PVC or ABS piping for remote installations away from the pond’s edge.

    All Bio Media is Included Ultimate Water Garden Pond Kits. Each Hydro Vortex™ Waterfall Filter includes all required biomedia. Conventional bio fall type waterfall filter boxes require additional biomedia that is not included with the filter. Purchasing additional bio media adds to the cost of the filter. Additionally, conventional bio fall waterfall filters include polyester filter pads. These filter pads require replacement every few years – adding to the cost of the filter.

    The Hydro FilterSilk™ biomedia that is included with each Hydro Vortex™ Waterfall Filter is made from the same High Density Polyethene (HDPE) that the filter itself is made. Hydro FilterSilk™ never needs to be replaced as it does not break down, wear out, or fall apart like filter pads.

    Ultimate pond kits are easy to clean


     Backwashable. (Roll over or click the photo) Hydro Vortex™ waterfall filters are backwashable. This means that the filter can be cleaned and rinsed without having to be dismantled like typical bio fall type waterfall filters. A filter that can be easily, and routinely cleaned will perform at peak efficiency at all times.

    Typical bio fall type waterfall filters are marketed only requiring “annual-cleaning”. They are typically sold with the idea of hiring a professional to clean the filter every year for you. This adds tremendous cost to the filter and increases your cost of ownership. 



    As you can clearly see from the video near the top of this page – Hydro Vortex™ filters can be cleaned and rinsed simply by turning two valves. No need to hire a professional to do it for you. This saves you money

    A filter – of any type or purpose – that can be kept clean will perform more efficiently. Pure and simple.  

    Typical pond kits are not easy to clean

    The Problems With Typical Pond Kits

    All these garden pond kits require “annual cleanings” of the waterfall filter and entire pond. All these typical pond kits have relatively lower purchase prices than Ultimate Water Garden Pond Kits. But they all require additional biological filter media – at extra cost and require large annual pond cleanings – at extra cost, time, and effort.

    Typical waterfall kits for ponds have “hidden” costs such as additional bio media, bio media replacement and costly annual pond cleanings. Plus, none of these pond kits come standard with a filter drain - the upcharge for one.  All this adds up to a higher cost of ownership.

    Ultimate Water Garden Pond Kits are a Better Value

    Ultimate Backyard Pond Kits have no “hidden” costs such as additional bio media. The bio media never needs replacement. The Hydro Vortex™ filters come complete with all media and a drain kit at no extra cost. Routine backwashing of the Hydro Vortex™ filter and simple routine pond maintenance eliminates the need for “annual-cleanings”. This makes the cost of owning an Ultimate Water Garden Pond Kit less than the lower priced landscape pond kits.

    Before Purchasing ANY Brand of Pond Kit ….

    Inquire as to the Cost of Additional Bio Media
    What is the Cost of Replacement Filter Pads?
    How is the Filter Cleaned?
    What is the Cost of a Filter Drain Kit?
    What is the cost of an "annual cleaning"?

    Only Then Will You Know the REAL Price of the Pond Kit

      Ultimate pond kits provide the most plumbing options of any brand of pond kitYou Get The Most Plumbing Options with with HydroClean™ Pond Skimmers

      With their unique integrated round inlet pipes, you have the option to install your pond skimmer directly on your pond’s edge, or for the most natural looking pond edge – install the pond skimmer several feet away from the pond’s edge. HydroClean™ pond skimmers’ integrated round inlet pipes attach directly to PVC or ABS pipe for remote installation at any length you choose. With flexible PVC pipe, you can install HydroClean™ pond skimmers around corners or objects. No other brand of pond kits have pond skimmers with these capabilities.

       Ultimate pond kits include HydroClean pond skimmersUltimate pond kits include HydroClean pond skimmers
      Ultimate pond kits include HydroClean pond skimmersUltimate pond kits include HydroClean pond skimmers

      HydroClean™ pond skimmers provide the most plumbing configurations with the 3 interchangeable integrated outlet ports. Dual female pipe threads on the Seagull, Piper, and Pelican HydroClean™ Professional Pond Skimmers with all Ultimate Water Garden Pond Kits. No large wrenches, hole saws, or special tools required to install a pump or pumps, mainline pipe or pipes, overflow pipe, or an auto water fill valve. HydroClean™ Professional Pond Skimmers are pre-configured for an automatic water fill valve with a ½” female threaded inlet port to keep your water level topped off at all times. No other brand of pond waterfall  kit comes with more pond skimmer plumbing options. 

      Unlimited Design Option are Yours with Ultimate Water Garden Pond Kits
      and HydroClean™ Pond Skimmers

      Ultimate pond kits feature pond skimmers with easy liner attachment


      Quick and Easy Liner Attachment. Pond liner attaches to the HydroClean™ Pond Skimmer in all Ultimate Water Garden Pond Kits with a simple “One-Nut” liner collar. Unlike typical backyard pond kits with conventional pond skimmers that use a weir door face plate with dozens of screws to secure pond liner to the skimmer, HydroClean™ Professional Pond Skimmers lock pond liner to themselves, or remote installation pipe with a rubber collar and just one Stainless Steel nut on the Stainless Steel collar clamp. This drastically reduces the installation time, as well as frustration. The typical pond skimmer face plate screws penetrate the pond liner in dozens of small holes that can eventually leak when they tear open due to liner settling over time. The HydroClean™ liner collar prevents these type of leaks.


      Ultimate pond kits feature "dry-hands" servicing



      Ultimate Water Garden Pond Kits feature Dry-Hands Maintenance. This means you’ll never have to put your hands in the water to clean your HydroClean™ pond skimmer. The large capacity heavy duty leaf net, Black Knight filter brush rack, and Stainless Steel filter baskets in these amazing pond skimmers and pond sieves are fully accessible above the water line. Each of our pond kits come standard with HydroClean™ Pond Skimmers.  




      Pond Kits with Conventional Pond Skimmers Ruin the Natural Look of a Pond

      Conventional Pond Skimmers Ruin the Natural Look of a Pond


      You’re researching pond waterfall kits. Now imagine admiring the pond built with typical pond kits. Your eyes follow the edge of the pond, and suddenly an obtrusive pond skimmer is right in your view. The natural appearance of the pond is completely ruined. The pond skimmers included with typical pond kits must be attached directly to the edge of the pond.

      HydroClean™ Professional Pond Skimmers feature Remote Installation Capabilities and are the only pond skimmers that can attach to standard PVC or ABS pipe and be placed away from the pond’s edge. Imagine a pleasant patio, walkway, or seating area next to the pond, and the pond skimmer on the opposite side of you – out of your immediate view! Only HydroClean™ Professional Pond Skimmers included with all our pond kits offer you this advantage! 

      Conventional pond skimmers are not fish safe and are difficult to install



      Pond kits with conventional pond skimmers attach to pond liner with square or rectangular face plates and dozens of screws that penetrate the liner. Not only are they difficult to install, these screws can eventually cause leaks and can damage and harm your beloved fish.

      HydroClean™ Professional Pond Skimmers feature a simple one-nut liner attachment – with that nut above the water line – saving you installation time and future headaches!

      Pond kits with typical pond skimmer square or rectangular face plates also feature a floating weir door. Fish can easily swim into a common pond skimmer but the weir door prevents them from being able to swim back out. 

      HydroClean™ Professional Pond Skimmers’ completely unique round inlet pipe eliminates the need for a weir door, allowing fish that swim into the pond skimmer to swim right back out. Your fish will thank you! 

      Install the HydroClean pond skimmer away from the pond

      Remotely Install Your HydroClean™ Pond Skimmer

      HydroClean™ Professional Pond Skimmers included with Ultimate Pond Kits are the only pond skimmers that feature an inlet pipe instead of square face-plates. The inlet pipes on our pond skimmers allow for direct attachment to pipe so you can install them away from the edge of your pond at any length you choose. This provides you more design options than with any other pond skimmer than any other brand of pond kits.

      A HydroClean pond skimmer installed ten feet away from the pond edge for a more natural looking pond

      How about having a nice patio next to your pond with the pond skimmer on the other side of the patio? How about landscaping and/or a bench next to the pond with the pond skimmer behind both? With Ultimate Water Garden Pond Kits with HydroClean™ pond skimmers you can!  

      More Advantages with Ultimate Water Garden Pond Kits:
      Hydro Vortex™ Patented Backwashable Waterfall Filters

      Hydro Vortex backwashable waterfall filters

      Hydro Vortex™ Advantages:
      • Can be cleaned in as little as 2 minutes
      • Disassembly NOT required for cleaning as with pond kits with bio fall type filters
      • Requires less installation time than bio fall filters in typical pond kits
      • Installs with only a Phillips screwdriver – no special tools required
      • Becomes virtually invisible in the landscape
      • Long lasting components
      • Best purchase value – drain kit included and all bio media is included – no additional media required
      • Lowest cost of ownership – does not require media replacement like pond kits that use filter pads
      • Unique Hydro FilterSilk™ media polishes the water far superior to filter pads and other filter media
      • Lets you spend more time enjoying your pond and less time cleaning it!

      Hydro Vortex backwashable waterfall filter

      Patented Hydro Vortex™ Waterfall Filters
      included with Every Ultimate Water Garden Pond Kit

      Can you see the Hydro Vortex™ filter in this photo of the right?  That is the beauty of its design .... it becomes invisible when installed!  

      Patented Hydro Vortex™ backwashable waterfall filters are the starting point for natural looking waterfalls for your water garden pond, blend seamlessly into the landscape, and contain a revolutionary Hydro FilterSilk™ bio media. Hydro FilterSilk™ bio media provides high surface area for large colonies of beneficial bacteria to proliferate.

      These bacteria metabolize ammonia, phosphates, and other algae causing organics out of the water. It also polishes the water far superior than other types of bio media, and rinses clean within the filter. Hydro Vortex™ backwashable waterfall filters are easy to clean – not requiring removal of the Hydro FilterSilk™ bio media for cleaning.

      Quick and Easy to Clean Hydro Vortex™ backwashable waterfall pond filters can be cleaned in 2 minutes or less without requiring an air blower or air pump to facilitate the backwash. Periodic backwashing of these pond filters improves fish health, reduces algae growth, and ensures that your pond will stay as clean and beautiful as possible.


      Ultimate pond kits with Hydro Vortex waterfall filters




      Hydro Vortex™ Blend Seamlessly into the Landscape for the Most Natural Waterfalls. Place river rocks on the upper diffuser grate to hide the filter from view. Because Hydro Vortex™ backwashable waterfall pond filters do not need to be dismantled for cleaning. You can leave those rocks and pebbles in place forever!



      Hydro FilterSilk media is easy to clean


      Ultimate Water Garden Pond Kits
      Have the Lowest Cost of Ownership

      With regular backwashing, the Hydro FilterSilk™ bio media included with your Hydro Vortex™ backwashable waterfall filter never needs to be replaced. This saves you money.

      Filter pads in typical backyard pond kits with conventional bio fall type waterfall filter boxes must be replaced every few years – costing you more money. Replacement filter pads in typical bio fall waterfall filter boxes can cost as much as $27.00 per square foot and typically require from 6 to 15 square feet of filter pads or more! Filter pads typically require replacement every 2 to 3 years costing you hundreds, and even thousands of dollars over the life of typical pond kits with waterfall.

      Also note that with bio fall type waterfall filter included with typical fish pond kits do NOT INCLUDE all the required bio media. You’re required to fill media nets with additional bio media such as lava rock, bio balls, or other bio media – at additional cost.

      Contrast Ultimate Pond Kits with Hydro Vortex™ backwashable waterfall filters that come complete with all the required bio media – and the Hydro FilterSilk™ bio media never needs to be replaced!

      Why is Keeping a Pond Filter Clean So Important? A waterfall filter is just that …. a filter. A clean filter simply performs its job better when clean than dirty.

      Easy to clean waterfall filters included with Ultimate Pond KitsThink about it for a moment:

      • Do you routinely clean the lint trap in your clothes dryer?
      • If you ever swim in a swimming pool, do you wonder if the pool filter has been cleaned?
      • Hot tub filter?
      • Do you replace your car’s oil filter when getting an oil change?
      • You car’s air filter?
      • What about the air filter in your home’s HVAC system?
      • Your coffee filter?
      • Your drinking water filter?

      Any type of filter, whether it be for liquids, or gasses performs at its peak efficiency when kept clean – pond filters are no different. What would happen to your clothes if you didn’t routinely clean the dryer’s lint trap? What would happen to your engine if you didn’t change the oil filter? What would the swimming pool look (or smell) like if you cleaned the pool filter once per year? How would your water or coffee taste if you didn’t use clean filters?

      Everyone knows that filters either need to be kept clean or replaced to work effectively – pure and simple. You should RUN –not walk – away from pond kits with conventional bio fall type waterfall filters that are not backwashable or that boast: only annual cleaning required.

      So what collects in the "annually cleaned"
      bio fall filter for an entire year?

      Looking inside a bio fall type waterfall filter

      The answer is fish waste, mulm & detritus (waste produced by bacterial colonies), small organic particles, algae, dissolved organic matter, and whatever passes through the pond skimmer or other pre-filter. All this “stuff” is commonly referred to as “sludge”.

      Take a good look at this photo. This is an actual Aquascape biofalls filter up for it's "annual" cleaning. Look at the inside of this waterfall filter. This is sludge. The filter pads and media nets filled with lava rock are completely saturated with sludge.  How efficient do YOU  think this filter is?  Do YOU want to clean this? 

      Any guesses as to what this smells like?

      When sludge is allowed to build up inside an "annually cleaned" bio fall type waterfall filter in typical pond kits with waterfall, the filter media becomes clogged and water will channel around the media. Water channeling around the filter media is no longer being filtered. If a filter no longer filters …. then what good is it? 

      Once the pond filter media is saturated as seen in this photo, the sludge breaks off and finds its way to the bottom of your pond where it adversely affects water quality and dramatically promotes algae growth. Additionally, areas within a sludged filled waterfall filter that no longer have water passing through them become stagnant and oxygen-deprived that adversely affect the beneficial bacteria.

      We're not making this stuff up folks.  These photos are real.  Our crew got paid a lot of money to "annually clean" bio fall type filters.  There is a reason they're so cheap online.  If a picture is worth a thousand words - then what do these photos tell you about "annually cleaned" bio fall type waterfall filters?

      Example of "annual" maintenance - a woman standing in grass that is four feet tall
      Example of routine lawn maintenance - woman standing on a freshly mowed lawn


      Think about annually cleaning a pond filter for a moment. Can it be done? Yes. Should it be done? NO!!  You could mow your lawn once per year. Your neighbors wouldn’t appreciate it very much. It will be a huge time consuming and difficult chore when you do decide to mow it!


      What would happen if you “annually” flushed your toilet? Pond Kits that boast “annual cleaning” are not providing you with the most accurate information.

      Pond kits with non-backwashable pond filters encourage excessive algae growth as well as Aeromonas and Pseudomonas pathogenic bacteria proliferation. The algae is extremely ugly, and the pathogenic bacteria are a real danger to your koi and pond fish. 

      Hydro Vortex backwashable waterfall filter is easy to clean



      (Roll over or click the diagram)

      Every filter included with Ultimate Water Garden Pond Kits is designed to make them efficient and easy to clean. The unique patented design of Hydro Vortex™ Backwashable Waterfall Pond Filters combined with its patented backwash system enables the Hydro FilterSilk™ media to rinse clean within the filter itself. Dismantling the filter for cleaning is not required.

      A clean pond filter performs at peak efficiency. Water enters the Hydro Vortex™ Backwashable Waterfall Pond Filter parallel to the radius (at a tangent) causing the water to whirl in a vortex within the circular filter body. This whirling water causes particulate matter to settle down to the bottom of the filter’s settlement chamber. The settled particulate matter is removed from the filter via the drain located at the bottom of the settlement chamber.

      All bio fall type filters are the same on the inside


      There are many manufacturers of typical pond kits and waterfall filters with "annual cleaning". Aquascape, Easy Pro, Atlantic, Pond Builder, Pro Line, Savio, and many others. They all have pond filters commonly referred to as bio falls, puri falls, aqua falls, fast falls, filter falls, cascade falls, elite falls, and many other names. Every one of them functions the same. 

      It doesn’t matter the manufacturer – the bio fall filters may look different on the outside, but the inside – where it really matters – they are all the same! Filter pads and media nets are not backwashable, and must be disassembled for cleaning. The following photos show exactly how the filters in typical pond kits get cleaned – and what you’ll be cleaning if you own one or are planning to purchase one.  


      This is How to Clean the Bio Fall Filter Included with Typical Pond Kits
      and What They DON’T Tell You

      Cleaning a bio fall filter



      The first step is to drain the bio fall filter.

      Typical pond kits DON'T include a filter drain so you’ll have to disconnect the pump and have the dirty filter water empty into the pond skimmer and pond. Careful, it will be under pressure and can get all over you. Or purchase a second pump and hose to pump it out. Again, at additional cost to the original purchase price!



      Cleaning a bio fall filter




      The second step is to remove the media nets.

      Typical pond kits recommend that the media nets be filled with lava rock, but they can also be filled with bio balls or other form of bio media. Lava rock is the most commonly used media in these nets because the lava rock is heavy and holds the filter pads down inside the conventional bio fall filter.


      Cleaning a bio fall filter




      These saturated media nets can be very heavy – so be careful lifting them out pond kits with "annually cleaned" bio fall filters. Small pond kits may have only one such media net, but the average pond kits contain two or three. Larger pond kits contain six or more media nets.



      Cleaning a bio fall filter




      This is what you’ll be cleaning from the media nets with all typical pond kits. As stated earlier, this is “sludge” consisting of all sorts of smelly decaying things. Make sure to wear protective clothing and gloves when handling saturated bio media. Infections are common problems associated with cleaning pond kits with these types of bio fall filters.



      Cleaning a bio fall filter



      Look at this lava rock. “Annually” cleaned pond kits keep this sludge inside the filter for an entire year! In the words of Howard Hughes: “Does that look clean to you?”. The pores in the lava are completely filled with sludge.

      The only way to clean this is with high pressure washing. It is widely understood that using high pressure water to clean bio media destroys the beneficial bacteria living on it. Thus destroying the pond filter’s ability to perform its primary job of bio reaction.


      Cleaning a bio fall filter



      The next step with typical pond kits is to remove the filter pads.

      They too can be heavy. Typical bio fall filters contain two to three of these saturated filter pads. Again, it is recommended for your health and safety to use long sleeve rubber gloves and eye protection when handling sludge saturated filter pads.


      Soiled and clogged filter pads from a bio fall filter





      Filter pads in typical pond kits that boast “annual” cleaning remain inside the bio fall filter for an entire year!  How effective do YOU think they can be when they’re clearly saturated with sludge?  Do you want your beloved fish to swim in water that is in contact with this sludge for even a minute - let alone an entire year?!?  



      Saturated filter pad from a bio fall filter


      (Roll over or click this photo) Look closely at these photos. These photos are of an actual filter pad we removed from a bio fall filter for its "annual cleaning".  We can't believe that the manufacturers of these types of pond kits actually instruct you to clean the filter once per year!  That is SUCH a disservice to you - and pretty much a death sentence to your fish!

      We show you these photos to educate you about the "real" costs of those discount pond kits you find everywhere online.  We will say it 'till we're blue in the face:  "You get what you pay for!"  

      Filter pads inside bio fall filters saturated with sludge promote harmful pathogenic bacteria to proliferate and provide a huge food source for algae! 

      Filter pads require high water pressure to clean them



      The next step in cleaning the bio fall filter is to pressure wash the filter pads and media nets

      This can get a little tricky and a lot messy! For your safety make sure to wear rubber rain gear, long sleeve rubber gloves, and protective eye-wear. Make sure to keep your mouth closed! When pressure washing the filter pads, make sure you use enough pressure to clean the pad, but not so much that you disintegrate the pad! Filter pads tend to start falling apart during the second “annual” cleaning.

      Replacement filter pads are expensive.




      Time to muck-out the bio fall filter




      The Next Step is to Clean the Inside of the Filter Itself.


      Typical pond kits don’t include a filter drain which makes this process very difficult. Wipe and rinse the sludge and muck from the walls of the filter and pump, or shop-vac out the slurry. If you paid extra for a drain, then rinse the sludge and muck out the drain, then shop-vac the remaining slurry that is below the drain (since the drain isn’t really a drain but a reversed inlet on the side of the filter – and above the bottom).

      This muck has been in the bio filter all year long!






      We hope that we're doing a good job of providing you with information about the problems associated with cheap pond kits with filters that are not backwashable. Do you actually want to do this type of cleaning every year? We're betting that you don't.

      Now you have to drain the pond




      The next step required by "annually cleaned" pond kits is to drain and clean the pond bottom.

      (Roll over or click the photo) This is the costliest part of the “annual cleaning” or “spring-cleaning”. You’ll need a dirty water pump and enough hose to discharge the dirty water somewhere – make sure to not flood a neighbor’s yard!  

      You will also need a net to catch all your fish, a holding tank to store your fish while you’re cleaning the pond, an aerator for the holding tank to provide oxygen to your fish, and a net to cover the tank so your fish don’t jump out. That can cost you several hundreds of dollars. 

      Add those additional costs to the price of low cost "annually cleaned" pond kits you see everywhere online!  

      You then have to pressure wash the entire pond


      Typical pond kits require you to pump out ALL the pond water, pressure washing the entire pond, waterfalls and streambed. 

      Do you own a pressure washer?
      Have a rental yard nearby?

      Non-backwashable pond kits require you to pressure wash all surfaces in the pond. Every waterfall, the streambed if you have one, every square foot of pond – bottom and sides …. every single rock! While you’re pressure washing, you’ll be pumping out the slurry water. (Where is that dirty, foul smelling muck water going?)

      A friendly reminder from experienced pond servicers: When performing an “annual” pressure washing ….. muck splatters everywhere …. so cover your patio furniture, your patio or deck, your fire pit, barbecue, landscape lights, trees, plants, shrubs, fence, retaining wall, your pets, …. anything within 10′-15′ of the pond.
      Don’t forget to wear protective clothing and eyewear.

      When finished you must re-fill the entire pond with fresh water. Depending on the size of your pond, the water bill can be quite high.

      For your "annual" cleaning, you'll have to purchase tools and equipment before you can clean your pond - or you can pay a professional who already owns the required equipment a lot of money to do it for you.

      Pond Kits with “Annual Cleanings" – Add These Annual Costs to the Purchase Price

      • Secondary sump pump
      • Sump pump discharge piping
      • Temporary fish holding tank
      • Holding tank net to prevent your fish from jumping out
      • Holding tank aeration system to keep your fish alive while you drain the pond
      • Fish catching net – catching them by hand is difficult unless you’re a bear
      • Hip waders so you can wade into the pond when catching your fish and to keep their poop off you when you pressure wash the pond
      • Totally new pond water plus the cost of the water used for pressure washing – hope there isn’t a drought
      • Dechlorinator/Slime Coat Enhancer/Stress Remover for your fish – cleaning the pond is a traumatic experience for them
      • Pressure washer – or rental and delivery
      • Bi-annual bio media replacement

      You must factor in this large annual cost when looking at "annually cleaned" pond kits. All these “hidden” costs add up to lots of $$$$$ over the life of the pond.

      Ultimate Water Garden Pond Kits Require NONE of That!
      Ultimate Water Garden Pond Kits SAVE You Thousands of $$$$$

      Cleaning instructions for bio fall filters

      Above is a scan of an actual owner's manual from a popular pond kit brand sold all over the internet.  We blurred out their name and filter brand because every "annually cleaned" filter brand sold online come with identical instructions.   Isn't it better to see the instruction manual prior to spending any money on their pond kit? Or at least know how you have to clean the filter.  There is a reason they don't put this information on any of their websites - you wouldn't buy their products!  Every brand of filter that boast "annual cleaning" will have the same instructions.  As we've stated before: "They're all the same!"

      Annually cleaned ponds grow excessive algae


      Pond kits by Aquascape, Easy Pro, Atlantic, Pond Builder, Savio, Little Giant, Pro-Liner Danner, American Pond, and many others all state they only require “annual-cleaning".  All of their owner's manuals have similar instructions as the one we showed you here.  As we've stated before, the may look different on the outside - but on the inside they're all the same!

      "Annually cleaned" pond filters get clogged with sludge and then pass sludge to the pond where it settles to the bottom. This requires the pond to be completely drained and cleaned every year at a large annual expense. Ponds built with these types of pond kits experience excessive algae growth, become unsightly very quickly, and create non-ideal living conditions for koi, pond fish, and other aquatic life.  



      Ultimate Water Garden Pond Kits can be Routinely Cleaned Throughout the Year

      Eliminating “Annual Cleanings", Draining the Pond, and ALL EXPENSES RELATED TO ANNUAL CLEANINGS

      Here’s how:

      1. Empty the HydroClean™ pond skimmer as needed throughout the year
      2. Add HydroClear™ Beneficial Bacteria as needed through the year
      3. Backwash the Hydro Vortex™ Waterfall Filter monthly or more throughout the year
      4. “Fluff” the pond at least quarterly throughout the year (details on “fluffing” are below)
      5. Add HydroFloc™ after each pond “fluffing” to settle cloudy water into the Hydro Vortex™ filter
      6. Backwash the Hydro Vortex™ filter after every “fluffing” 

      What is “Fluffing”, why do it, and what do you do it with?

      “Fluffing” your pond is like fluffing your pillow. When you “fluff” your pond, you’re simply using water to fluff up any debris that has settled in your pond. You “fluff” the pond with your garden hose and tap water from your home. The tool is an inexpensive tool you make with a hose nozzle and ¾” PVC pipe you can get at any home improvement store.

      Parts for the Fluffing Tool:

      PVC pipe Male pipe adaptor Female pipe adaptor Sweeper nozzle

      • Your existing garden hose
      • 10′ x ¾” PVC pipe
      • ¾” PVC male pipe adaptor
      • ¾” PVC female pipe adaptor 
      • Sweeper Nozzle

      Total Fluff Tool cost is just a few dollars. Compare that to the enormous cost of just one “annual” pond cleaning.

      Periodic “Fluffing” Your Pond Eliminates Draining the Pond to Keep it Clean

      Routine "fluffing" of the pond and backwashing the filtration system eliminates "annual" pond cleanings


      (Roll over or click the photo)

      Attach your garden hose to the Fluff Tool and squirt water into the gravel and rocks of the pond. If you have a stream, start there first. Keep your waterfall pump running and simply rinse the stream down into the pond with the Fluff Tool.  

      Your fish will swim through the rising debris in the pond eating bits of algae, bugs, and worms before they've had a chance to rot. If you do this on a regular basis, there won't be time for pathogenic bacteria to grow.   

      If you don’t have a stream, start “fluffing” the pond at a point farthest from the HydroClean™ Pond Skimmer. The water WILL CLOUD UP. This is normal.



      After you fluffed the entire pond, add the proper dosage of HydroFloc™. HydroFloc is a concentrated flocculent that will cause all the material that is clouding the water to bind together and get trapped in the Hydro Vortex™ filter.  The pond water will be clear in 24 hours.

      The more often you “fluff” the pond, the less cloudy the water will become and the faster it will clear up into the Hydro Vortex™ filter.  

      After 24 hours simply backwash the debris out of the Hydro Vortex™ filter! Ta-dah …… a clean pond without getting dirty or draining the pond! Simple, quick, and incredibly inexpensive! A clean pond all year long is much more enjoyable

      Instructions that come with typical pond kits instruct you to NOT perform simple inexpensive routine pond maintenance in favor of costly and difficult “annual” cleanings. They tell you that because if they told you HOW you'll have to clean it …. they know you wouldn’t buy their product! 

      Inexpensive … (i.e. cheap) ... pond kits try to fool you with a low purchase price. Why do you think they are discounted so much everywhere online? Because a low price is their only feature worth talking about. But they conveniently leave out the “hidden” costs and the huge annual cleaning costs. 

      Hopefully we’ve done our job of explaining the truth about "annually cleaned" pond kits. This is why our company founder: John Russell invented and patented our products. To make owning our pond kits much less expensive over the life of your pond. Simply put, for you to enjoy your pond more.  Ponds are supposed to be fun and beautiful. 

      Our Ultimate Water Garden Pond Kits may cost a little more up front,
      but will SAVE YOU THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in a few short years of owning your pond.

      Ultimate Water Garden Pond Kits = Better Value

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