Why “Annual” Cleaning a Pond is BAD

Why “Annual” Cleaning a Pond is BAD - unhealthy conditions for fish

Unsightly Algae
and  Unhealthful Conditions for Your Fish
Most of the Year! 

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  • Ponds and water features that only are cleaned once per year (also known as "spring-cleanouts") contain a full year's worth of sludge and muck that consists of detritus, mulm, fish waste, decaying organics, and algae
  • As organics decay, toxic hydrogen sulfide gas is released causing foul odors and causes harm to fish gills
  • Decaying organics feed algae
  • Sludge is anaerobic (void of oxygen) which encourages harmful parasites and pathogens to proliferate
  • Anaerobic conditions encourage harmful Aeromonas and Pseudomonas bacteria to proliferate
  • Sludge is a breeding ground for Branchiura (Fish Lice), Lernaea (Anchor worm), Gyrodactylus (Skin fluke) and Dactylogyrus (Gill fluke) as well as harmful protozoa - Trichodina, Costia, Ichthyophthirius multifiliis (Ich, or White Spot), and Chilodonella.

Why annual cleaning a pond is bad - you must catch and remove all the fishMore Bad News About "Annual" Cleanings

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  • "Annual" cleaning - commonly referred to as "spring-cleanouts" requires the catching and removal of all koi and pond fish which raises their stress level, which lowers their immune systems
  • "Annual" cleaning requires a fish holding tank, a net for the tank, an aeration system for the holding tank, a pump to drain the pond, discharge hose, a pressure washer, and a net to catch the fish - all adding to the cost of the pond
  • "Annual" cleaning is a leading cause of koi and pond fish disease and death throughout the year

Why annual cleaning a pond is bad - you have to drain the pondHarmful to the Environment:

  • "Annual" cleaning requires pumping all the water out of the pond
  • Large volumes of dirty pond and water feature water rushing from a pipe causes erosion, floods properties, and introduces harmful pathogens into stormwater systems
  • It is unlawful in most communities to drain dirty pond-cleanout water into the public storm systems
  • Completely draining, pressure washing, and re-filling ponds and water features consume tremendous amounts of water - adding up to higher costs of ownership
  • "Annual" cleanings destroy the ecosystem - and requires a re-starting of the ecosystem every year

Why annual cleaning a pond is bad - dirty ponds throughout the year cause fish diseaseAnnual Pond Cleanings Cause Algae and Fish Disease: 

  • "Annually" cleaned ponds have a buildup of sludge and organics throughout year that cause excessive algae and unhealthful conditions for koi and pond fish
  • Sick, dying, or dead koi and pond fish cause angry owners - contractors, web sites, and pond stores that recommend "annual" cleanings (spring-cleanouts) cause angry owners when their beloved fish get sick and/or die as a result of "annual" cleaning
  • "Annual" cleanings (spring-cleanouts) cause the ecosystem to crash - resulting in rapid algae blooms and ammonia spiking that leads to even more fish health problems

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