The Problems with Conventional Pond Skimmers

They ALL Have to Be Installed Directly on the Pond Edge
They Ruin the Appearance of the Pond

Conventional pond skimmer are hard to clean

  • They're Hard to Clean
  • They're Difficult to Install
  • They're Not Safe For Your Fish
  • They Ruin the Appearance of Your Pond
  • They Require Special Tools to Install
  • They're Not Auto Fill Valve Ready
  • They're Not Ready For Multiple Pumps and Overflow Pipe

With today’s conventional pond skimmers, you must get down on your hands and knees, reach down into the water inside the pond skimmer and pull up the debris filled net or plastic basket and heavy, smelly, saturated filter pad. Not only heavy and foul-smelling, these items will be filled with algae, fish poop, dead insects and worms, and all kinds of debris you wouldn’t want to touch. 

When considering the purchase of a pond skimmer,
one of the most important questions to ask yourself is:

“How will I clean it?”

Pond-Side Pond Skimmers Ruin the Natural Look of the Pond

Conventional pond skimmers ruin natural appearance of a pond
Imagine admiring a pond – your eyes follow the edge, and suddenly an obtrusive pond skimmer is right in your view. The natural appearance of the pond is ruined. HydroClean™ Professional Pond Skimmers feature Remote Installation Capabilities and are the only pond skimmers that can attach to standard PVC, flexible PVC, or ABS pipe and be placed away from the pond’s edge. Imagine a pleasant patio, walkway, or seating area next to the pond, and the pond skimmer behind you – out of view from the pond! 






Conventional pond skimmers simply look ugly on the side of the pond


Why ruin the look of your pond
with an unattractive "pond-side" skimmer?



Conventional Pond Skimmers are Difficult to Attach to Pond Liner

Conventional pond skimmers are difficult to attach to pond linerAttaching liner to conventional pond skimmers is difficultToday’s conventional pond skimmers attach to pond liner with square or rectangular face plates and dozens of screws that penetrate the liner. Not only difficult to install, these screws can eventually cause leaks and can damage or harm your beloved fish.

HydroClean™ Professional Pond Skimmers feature a simple one-nut liner attachment – with that nut above the water line – saving you installation time and future headaches!

Typical pond skimmer square or rectangular face plates also feature a floating weir door. Fish can easily swim into a conventional pond skimmer but the weir door prevents them from being able to swim back out. HydroClean™ Professional Pond Skimmers' completely unique round inlet pipe eliminates the need for a weir door, allowing fish that swim into the pond skimmer and swim right back out. Your fish will thank you!

Installing and Modifying Conventional Pond Skimmers Requires Specialty Tools

Conventional pond skimmers require special tools for installation or modificationDon’t own Channel Lock pliers? You’ll need to buy them in order to install most of today’s typical pond skimmers. Don’t have a hole saw? You’ll need to buy one in order to install some of today’s typical pond skimmers – and you’ll need one if you want to modify the pond skimmer to accommodate multiple pumps, an auto water fill valve, or additional plumbing options. HydroClean™ Professional Pond Skimmers can be installed with just a screw driver! No need to modify HydroClean™ Professional Pond Skimmers for multiple pumps, an auto fill valve, or multiple plumbing options …. they are all integrated into pond skimmer! PVC fittings and auto water fill valves simply thread directly into the female threaded fittings on each HydroClean™ pond skimmer. With HydroClean™ …. it couldn’t be easier!  

HydroClean™ are the Most User Friendly, Fish Friendly and
Technologically Advanced Pond Skimmers Available

You Get The Most Plumbing Options for Your Pond
with a HydroClean™ Pond Skimmer 

Pump using the left outlet port of the HydroClean pond skimmerPump using the left port
Auto fill valve installed 
Overflow out rear port 
Pump using the right port of the HydroClean pond skimmerPump using the right port
Auto fill valve installed 
Overflow out rear port
Pump using the rear outlet port of the HydroClean pond skimmerPump using the rear port
Auto fill valve installed 
Overflow out left port
Two pumps using the left and right outlet ports of the HydroClean pond skimmerPumps using left and right ports
Auto fill valve installed 
Overflow out rear port

Convenience of Installation is yours
with all HydroClean™ Professional Pond Skimmers

The  HydroClean pond skimmer comes standard with an auto fill valve port

The most plumbing configurations with the 3 interchangeable integrated outlet ports with dual female pipe threads on a HydroClean™ Professional Pond Skimmer. No large wrenches, hole saws, or special tools required to install a pump or pumps, mainline pipe or pipes, overflow pipe, or an auto water fill valve. The HydroClean™ Professional Pond Skimmer is pre-configured for an automatic water fill valve with a ½" female threaded inlet port to keep your water level topped off at all times. No other brand of pond skimmer comes with more plumbing options. 


The HydroClean™ Professional Pond Skimmer is Fish-Safe, provides multiple design options with its ability to be installed away from the pond, conveniently provides multiple plumbing options, and is an easy pond skimmer to clean - never requiring you to put your hands into the water.

The HydroClean is a Fish Safe pond skimmer

Fish-Safe HydroClean™ Professional Pond Skimmers are the only pond skimmers with an integrated round inlet pipe that eliminates the need for a weir door to achieve efficient and effective pond skimming. The weir doors found on virtually all competing pond skimmers are essentially a "one-way-door" that can trap your fish inside the pond skimmer.

Those types of pond skimmers also use dozens of screws to hold the weir door faceplate onto the skimmer itself - and those same screws extend into the skimmer and pose a hazard to the fish that get trapped inside the pond skimmer. As the fish struggles with its capture - it often inflicts fatal harm to itself on those screws. With HydroClean™ pond skimmers your fish can swim in and back out again with ease - and with no screws inside the pond skimmer - there is nothing that can pose a danger to your beloved fish. 

You Get The Most Design Options for Your Pond
with a HydroClean™ Pond Skimmer

Install the HydroClean pond skimmer away from the pond for a more natural looking pondWith the  HydroClean™ Professional Pond Skimmer's unique integrated round inlet pipe, you have the option to install your pond skimmer directly on your pond's edge, or for the most natural looking pond edge - the HydroClean™ Professional Pond Skimmer has the ability to be installed several feet away from the pond's edge.

The HydroClean™ Professional Pond Skimmer's integrated round inlet pipe attaches directly to PVC or ABS pipe for remote installation at any length you choose. No other pond skimmer has these remote installation capabilities.

When you move the pond skimmer away from the pond - you'll have a much more natural looking pond. Nothing ruins the look of a pond more than a pond skimmer sitting on the pond edge. Put some landscape between the pond and pond skimmer.

The HydroClean™ pond skimmer is easy to clean and doesn't require you to put your hands in the waterDry-Hands Servicing means you'll never have to put your hands down into the pond water to clean your Piper HydroClean™ Professional Medium Pond Skimmer. The large capacity heavy duty leaf net and Black Knight filter brush rack are fully accessible above the water line.

Why is that important?  In fall and winter months when you're emptying your pond skimmer the most .... what temperature do think the water will be?  Also, if you have to reach down into the water to remove a filter pad or something similar - you'll have to bend over farther!  More than likely you'll have to put a knee on the ground - in winter the ground can be wet or frozen.


HydroClean pond skimmers are easy to clean HydroClean™ Professional Pond Skimmers

HydroClean™ Professional Pond Skimmers feature large capacity Stainless Steel framed debris nets and the highest quality Black Knight filter brushes to capture that above-mentioned “stuff”. Both the net and brushes have clean, dry handles above the waterline! You won’t have to get on your hands and knees to reach down into the water to pull a dirty filter pad out! Simply lift either the net or brush rack out of the HydroClean™ Professional Pond Skimmer and rinse them off – it couldn’t be easier!  No hands in the water, and no knees on the ground!


We have designed each of our pond skimmers with YOU in mind!  
Why bend over any farther than necessary?  


Super easy liner attachmentQuick and Easy Liner Attachment Pond liner attaches to the HydroClean™ Professional Pond Skimmer with a simple "One-Nut" liner collar. Unlike typical pond skimmers that use a weir door faceplate with dozens of screws to secure pond liner to the skimmer, HydroClean™ skimmers lock pond liner to themselves, or remote installation pipe with a rubber collar and just one Stainless Steel nut on the Stainless Steel collar clamp. This drastically reduces the installation time, and frustration. The typical pond skimmer faceplate screws penetrate the pond liner in dozens of small holes that can eventually leak when they tear open due to liner settling over time. The HydroClean™ liner collar prevents these type of leaks.  

Install the Piper HydroClean pond skimmer away from the pond

Remote Installation
means you can install a HydroClean™ Professional Pond Skimmer away from the pond with PVC, flexible PVC, or ABS pipe. The pipe attaches to the skimmer with a rubber coupler, then liner attaches to the other end of the pipe instead of the pond skimmer itself. Your pond will be much more natural looking with an "invisible" pond skimmer hidden within the landscape and not on the pond itself.

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