Small pond skimmer - Seagull HydroClean
Small pond skimmer - Seagull HydroClean
Small pond skimmer with room for multiple pumps and an auto fill valve
Small pond skimmer that connects to pipe for installing the skimmer away from the pond's edge
Small Pond Skimmer - Seagull HydroClean™ 3,500 gph Max, 1½" Outlet Ports

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Small Pond Skimmer - Seagull HydroClean™ 3,500 gph Max, 1½" Outlet Ports

Sale price$419.99
With or Without Optional Auto Water Fill Valve Kit:Pond Skimmer Only

Fish Safe Small Pond Skimmer
"Dry-Hands" Servicing and Remote Installation Capable

Seagull HydroClean small pond skimmer

Professional Easy to Clean,
Easy to Install

Fish Friendly, and Remote Installation Capable
User Friendly, Advanced Small Pond Skimmer

The Seagull HydroClean™ Professional Small Pond Skimmer is fish-safe, provides multiple design options with its ability to be installed away from the pond, conveniently provides multiple plumbing options, is auto fill valve ready, and is easy to clean – never requiring you to put your hands into the water.


  • Made in the USA
  • For submersible and/or centrifugal pumps
  • 18.5″ tall x 16.5″ wide x 21.5″ long
  • Skimming flow rates to 3,500 gph (58 gpm)
  • “Dry-Hands Servicing” as all serviceable components are accessed above the water line
  • 11" x 12" x 19" Heavy duty stainless steel framed reinforced nylon leaf net sock
  • Heavy duty, easy to clean Black Knight filter brushes
  • Seagull HydroClean pond skimmer installed 12 feet away from the pond
    Easy liner attachment
  • Stainless steel hose clamp for simple “one-nut” liner attachment
  • Remote installation capable
  • 4″ inlet pipe nipple attaches to 4″ PVC or ABS piping with rubber coupler for remote installation
  • Adaptable to 3″ PVC or ABS inlet piping with rubber reducer coupler for remote installation
  • No weir door required
  • For use with submersible, centrifugal, and/or magnetic pumps
  • Auto fill valve ready
  • Multi pump ready
  • For use with all types of ponds – water garden ponds, koi ponds, hybrids, as well as above and below ground ponds
  • For use with pond liner, polyurea, gunite, and concrete ponds
  • Heavy duty lid
  • Heavy duty, thick wall rotational molded HDPE rugged construction
  • Multiple plumbing directions and options
  • 3 Interchangeable 1½” Outlet Ports for multiple plumbing and overflow piping options
  • Female threaded 1½” outlet ports for quick, easy, “no-tools-required” plumbing attachment
  • All fitting thread directly into the integrated female fitting on the Seagull HydroClean pond skimmer
    Female ½” inlet port for simple and quick  “no-tools-required” auto fill valve attachment
  • 100% silicone sealant included
  • 2 PVC male pipe adapters and two PVC plugs included
  • Fish friendly design allows fish to swim into and out of the skimmer
  • Salted koi pond compatible

Small Pond Skimmer
for All Types of Ponds
Skimming Flow Rates up to 3,500 GPH

The purpose of the Seagull HydroClean™ small pond skimmer is to capture debris from the pond for you. It captures leaves, needles, blossoms, algae, insects, fish waste, and any type of floating debris from the pond for easy disposal. Pond skimmers are sized according to your pump's flow rate and this small pond skimmer is ideal for pond pumps up to 3,500 gph. 

Seagull HydroClean professional pond skimmer

Our small pond skimmer is fish safe, remote installation capable, and easy to clean without the need to put your hands into the water.

Keep your pond water always topped off with our Professional Auto Water Fill Valve Kits.

4" Pipe Remote Installation guidelines:
1,800 gph pump flow rate ÷ 500 = 3.6' maximum remote installation distance.
2,700 gph pump flow rate ÷ 500 = 5.4' maximum remote installation distance.
3,500 gph pump flow rate ÷ 500 = 7' maximum remote installation distance.

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