Marlin Series Hybrid Pond Kit with C-3540-2B external pump and No Auto Fill Kit
Marlin Series Hybrid Pond Kit with C-3540-2B external pump with Auto Fill Kit
Marlin Series Hybrid Pond Kit with C4620-2B external pump and no auto fill kit
Marlin Series Hybrid Pond Kit with C4620-2B external pump with auto fill kit

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Medium Hybrid Pond™ Kit Marlin Series 11'x11'x3'

Sale price$6,021.99
Hybrid Pond™ Kit with HydroFlush & Choice of External Pump:C-3540-2B External Pond Pump
Add a Stream:No Stream
Add an Auto Water Fill Kit:25' Auto Water Fill Kit

The Look of a Water Garden Pond
But Much Safer for Raising Koi

Marlin Series Hybrid Pond


A Hybrid Pond™ is safer for koi than a water garden pond, but is more natural looking than a koi Pond in the landscape. A "hybrid" of the two, only made possible by the Patented Hydro Vortex™ backwashable Waterfall Filter. If you don't have a backwashable waterfall filter, a remote installation capable pond skimmer, a bottom drain, and a bottom drain pre-filter, a UV, or external aeration - you don't have a Hybrid Pond™. 

Marlin Series Hybrid Pond™ Kit Includes:

  • Marlin Hydro Vortex™ easy to clean backwashable waterfall filter with 20″ wide waterfalls, filter cleanout kit with 10′ of heavy duty black 1½” flexible PVC pipe, and 1½” stainless steel lever shut-off valve, 3.66 cubic feet of Hydro FilterSilk™ easy to clean filtration media with 1,354 SSA
  • HydroFlush™ backwash system with 1½” flex PVC pipe, 3-way diverter valve and 10" round valve box
  • Piper HydroClean™ Pond Skimmer with stainless steel and nylon leaf net, Black Knight Filter Brush Rack, 6″ inlet pipe, three 2” dual female threaded outlet ports, and one ½” auto water fill valve port. Remote installation capable and fish safe.
  • Hybrid Pond Diagram by Russell Watergardens
    4" Bottom Drain
  • HydroSieve™-PF compact pond sieve filter  for bottom drain
  • 3-way control valve between pond skimmer and pond sieve filter with 10" round valve box
  • PA-3000 pond aeration kit
  • 36 watt UV clarifier with fittings and 2” ball valve
  • Standard valve box for UV and air pump
  • 25' of heavy duty black 2” flexible PVC pipe
  • 2” Cam-lock check valve assembly with intake strainer
  • 2” Union Spring Check Valve for HydroSieve™
  • 20' x 20' 45 ml EPDM fish-safe rubber pond liner for pond
  • 5' x 5' 45 ml EPDM fish-safe rubber pond liner for waterfalls
  • 425² ft. 15 ml geotextile underlayment
  • Additional pipe, liner, and underlay included for optional Stream Kits
  • PVC glue and primer
  • Tube of 100% silicone sealant
  • 16 oz. can of HydroFoam™ waterfall foam sealant
  • All required PVC fittings
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Choice of Auto Water Fill Kits
  • 6″ skimmer remote installation pipe NOT included
  • Choice of self priming external pumps with integrated leaf trap: C-3540-2B, C-4620-2B

Our Exclusive Marlin Series Hybrid Pond™ Kits make Beautiful ponds
That are Part Water Garden Pond and Part Koi Pond

Marlin Series Hybrid Pond

For years there have been just two types of ponds - a water garden pond, or a koi pond. Many companies falsely market their water garden pond kits as koi pond kits online. Ask any prominent koi club member anywhere, and they will tell you that a water garden pond is in no way the same, or even similar to a koi pond. Find a local koi club in your community and ask them yourself by clicking this link:

Over the years, we have known several contractors that were sued by their customers because their customer wanted a koi pond, and then the contractor installed a water garden pond for them instead - to the customer's dissatisfaction. Koi ponds have smooth, bare liner bottoms with no gravel. Water garden pond bottoms are covered with gravel. A koi pond's structure is behind the liner. A water garden's structure is rock inside the liner.

This is what led John Russell, the CEO, Company Founder, and product design engineer of Russell Watergardens to invent the Hybrid Pond™ concept. With the Patented Hydro Vortex™ backwashable waterfall filter, also invented by John Russell, the Hybrid Pond™ concept became a reality. Koi ponds all had similar things in common, such as a backwashable biological filter, a bottom drain, a bottom drain pre-filter, a pond skimmer, UV system, external pump and aeration, with NO rocks or gravel in the pond. So it dawned on John to combine a water garden pond kit with a koi pond kit and the Hybrid Pond™ was created. Simple as that. A koi pond is the safest form of pond for raising and growing koi. A water garden pond is intended to look more natural than a koi pond in the landscape, but is not the best choice for raising and growing koi. The Hybrid™ Pond is the best of both worlds in one pond. See How to Build a Hybrid Pond™ by clicking this link.

Long After the Price has been Forgotten, Value and Piece of Mind are Not

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