HydroChamber™ Pondless Water Reservoir Pump Vault Benefits

Pondless pump chamber value

Benefits of the HydroChamber™
All-in-One Pondless Pump Vault
and Water Storage Tank 

  • Made in U.S.A.
  • 75 gallon capacity
  • Heavy duty HDPE direct burial tank
  • Dual 2" female threaded outlets for multiple pumps or pump and overflow
  • 1/2" female threaded auto fill valve port
  • 4" and 6" inlet pipe
  • 4" tank-to-tank connection pipe for unlimited water storage
  • Advantages of HydroChamber pondless pump chamberReplaces two slotted pump vaults
  • Replaces two water storage blocks
  • Replaces 10'x10' rubber liner
  • Replaces 10'x10' underlayment
  • Much smaller excavation
  • Easier to install
  • Creates a pondless water storage basin that can be cleaned!

Remote Installation Capabilities

HydroChamber pondless pump vault has remote installation capabilities
The HydroChamber™ convenient pump vault and water storage tank provides unlimited backyard waterfall design options. 


The HydroChamber™ All-in-One Pondless Pump Vault Water Storage Tank is modular. You have complete creative design control of where you want your pump and water storage for your backyard waterfalls. If you choose, it can be at the base of your pondless waterfall. The most creative place to put your pump and water storage is completely away from your pondless water feature!

HydroChamber daisy-chain together for unlimited water storageHydroChambers™ “daisy-chain” together for unlimited water volume storage. With the HydroChamber™, you no longer are required to have the pump and water storage at the base of your pondless waterfalls or water feature. 


HydroChamber and HydroSieve-PF prefilter
Working in tandem with the HydroSieve™-PF pondless pre-filter, the two units combine to create the “Ultimate” pondless waterfall kit. The Ultimate pondless system is easy to clean. A clean pondless waterfall is more beautiful. Your backyard waterfalls will be a joy to own and appreciate instead of a maintenance nightmare.

HydroChamber lid resembles an irrigation valve box cover
The HydroChamber’s™ non-obtrusive lid resembles a typical round irrigation valve box found in landscapes everywhere.


HydroChamber strong and durable direct burial tank

The HydroChamber™ becomes virtually “invisible” in the landscape away from your backyard waterfalls while remaining easy to access. The HydroChamber™ pump vault water storage tank can be installed anywhere you choose.

Strong and durable rotationally molded HDPE direct burial water tank. Strong enough for two exceptionally gifted pondless waterfall builders from Team Russell!

The HydroChamber™ All-in-One Pondless Pump Vault Water Storage Tank lets you install it virtually anywhere in your landscape. Instead of bringing electrical power to where you want your backyard waterfalls, the HydroChamber™ can be installed where you already have electrical power!

HydroChamber™ All-in-One Pondless Pump Vault Water Storage Tank provides you with complete pondless waterfall design freedom. The HydroChamber™ eliminates the requirement of having a large excavation with the pump and water storage in two separate devices contained within liner. It also provides you unlimited creativity for your pondless waterfall design.

HydroChamber™ All-in-One Pondless Pump Vault and Water Storage Tank
Easy to Install. Easy to Clean.
Best Value!

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