Quickly Clears Dirty Water

HydroFloc pond clarifier

  • Use after pond or water feature construction to quickly clear the water
  • Use after placing aquatic plants in ponds
  • Use whenever soil or mulch is accidentally washed into a pond or water feature
  • Begins clearing water within hours of application 

HydroFloc™ pond clarifier flocculant is one of the most highly concentrated flocculants. available. It is specially formulated for all types of ponds Our comprehensive and balanced formulation quickly clears dirty, cloudy water.

HydroFloc™ pond clarifier flocculant quickly clears cloudy water when used with a filter. Removes suspended particles. Working with a filter, HydroFloc™ Water Clarifier Flocculant quickly clumps suspended particles and free-floating algae. This allows the filter to easily remove these “clumps” from your pond water without harming the natural balance of pond life and plants.

HydroFloc™ pond clarifier flocculant creates sparkling clear water in your pond or pondless water feature. A proprietary formulation is used to coagulate suspended solids in the pond water. After use, particles in the water settle into the filter system.

Apply directly to new ponds, immediately when water is dirty or cloudy.

Apply to circulation points

To clear dirty water:
1 oz. per 1,000 gallons
16 oz. per 16,000 gallons
Reapply after 24 hours if needed