The Most Compact Pond Sieve Filter Available

The HydroSieve-PF compact pond sieve becomes virtually invisible in the landscape


  • The Most Affordable pond sieve
  • Can be used for pre-filtering pond bottom drains
  • Can be used for pre-filtering pondless water features
  • Space saving design
  • Unobtrusive in the landscape
  • Captures debris down to 100 microns 
  • Easy to clean
  • "Dry-Hands" servicing
  • Removes debris before the pump
  • Extends the life of the pumps
  • Extends time between filter backwash
  • Removes organics that would otherwise feed algae
  • Keeps ponds more clean
  • Keeps pondless water features more clean
  • Lowers cost of pond ownership
  • Lowers cost of pondless ownership

At just 16½ in diameter, it takes a fraction of the space typical pond sieves require. It can be buried in the ground so all you see is it’s unobtrusive lid that resembles an irrigation valve box in the landscape.

The HydroSieve™-PF pond sieve is a dual purpose unit 

For ponds - it is a super efficient and compact bottom drain pre-filter. The HydroSieve™-PF captures fish waste and submerged organics before the the pump. This extends the life of your pump and reduces your cost of ownership. By capturing debris for easy removal before the pump can grind it up and pass it to your biological filter - your filter will perform more efficiently. This not only protects your pump - it provides you more time between backwashes - giving you more time to enjoy your pond with less time maintaining it! You'll have a much cleaner pond and your koi and pond fish will thank you!

For Pondless Water Features - it is a super efficient and compact pre-filter that replaces the traditional gravel basin pre-filter.  The HydroSieve™-PF captures leaves, lawn clippings, weed seeds, dead worms, insects, bird poop - and all other organics that fall or get wind-blown into your pondless water features.  By capturing all the organics for easy removal ...

Your pondless water feature will have
DRASTICALLY less algae
than rock and gravel reservoir basin based pondless features!

The HydroSieve™-PF also drastically reduces the cost of owning a pondless water feature because it not only reduces algaecide costs, but protects your pump from the eventual clogged gravel basin.  It also completely eliminates the possibility you'd need  a pondless Basin-Ectomy!

Stainless steel filter basket included with the HydroSieve-PF compact pond sieve

The HydroSieve™- PF includes a stainless steel filter basket that is constructed of stainless steel wire and stainless steel filter cloth.  It is reinforced with stainless steel rods and and stainless steel sheet metal.  To make it "Dry-Hands" serviceable - it includes a stainless steel handle that is above the water line to make sure you can easily grab it.

The HydroSieve-PF compact pond sieve features an inlet that creates a swirling water vortex

The HydroSieve™- PF includes an internal water inlet design that creates an internal water vortex within the filter medium.  

What Does A Water Vortex Do? How Does It Benefit Filtration? 

Click Here to Find Out

A water vortex is swirling water that cause debris to settle to the bottom middle of the filter.  This vortex water motion is at the heart of the patented Hydro Vortex™ waterfall filters and the super efficient HydroBead Vortex™ koi pond bead filters.

Swirling water within the HydroSieve™ - PF forces the debris to the center bottom of the stainless steel filter basket (as seen in the videos above) that keeps water flowing through the rest of the filter basket without clogging.  This provides you more time between cleanings - giving you more time to enjoy your pond or pondless water feature while spending less time maintaining it.

The HydroSieve compact pond sieve features "dry-hands" servicing - you never have to put your hands into the pond water

The HydroSieve™-PF is an affordable pond sievecosting a fraction of conventional pond sieves. Conventional pond sieves can cost into the thousands of dollars. The HydroSieve™ - PF features performance and flow rates rivaling the large pond sieves and completely unequaled in a compact pond sieve, all for a reasonable price.

 HydroSieve™-PF Pond Sieve is easier to clean than any other pond sieve. Simply remove the stainless steel filter basket by grasping the handle above the water line and rinse the basket. Dry-Hands Servicing means you never have to put your hands down into the water or hand remove captured debris as you do with other pond sieves. Does not require a secondary drain pipe for cleaning as do other pond sieves. 

HydroSieve-PF pre-filtering a koi pond bottom drain

For pond bottom drain pre-filtering, install the HydroSieve™-PF pond sieve between the bottom drain and the centrifugal pump. This will capture all fish waste and other debris from the bottom drain and prevent it from reaching the pump. This prevents the pump from passing the fish waste and debris to your bio filter. Removing fish waste and other debris with this compact pond sieve prior to your pump and bio filter creates much less burden on your bio filter and allows it to perform more efficiently. 

Pondless Water Feature Pre-Filtering Applications

The HydroSieve-PF pairs with the HydroChamber for Ultimate Pondless Water Features


Pondless Applications

For pondless water feature pre-filtering, install the HydroSieve™ - PF sieve filter in front of the HydroChamber™ Pump Vault/Water Storage Tank. The duo of the HydroSieve™ - PF and HydroChamber™ is the most unique, versatile, and easy to clean pondless system ever! It is known as the “Ultimate Pondless System”.

The HydroSieve™ - PF pond sieve is the only pre-filter for pondless water features. Similar to pre-filtering bottom drains in fish pond applications, the HydroSieve™ - PF captures leaves, tree needles, blossoms, grass clippings, sand granules, and all other debris that can fall or blow into a pondless water feature. By removing this debris before it promotes algae growth, the pondless water feature will be cleaner and fresher.The Ultimate pondless pairs a HydroSieve-PF with a HydroChamber


With The Most Design Options you have maximum creative possibilities. The Ultimate Pondless System is the combination of the HydroSieve™ - PF compact pond sieve and the HydroChamber™ Pump Vault Water Storage Tank. Together, they provide you total creative design freedom. The components are modular, which means that they can be connected together, or set apart. They can be installed next to the water feature, or away from it. The Ultimate Pondless System can be used with waterfalls, streams, rock columns, or fountains.

Save Time, Money, and Space with the HydroSieve™-PF and HydroChamber™. The HydroSieve™-PF is the only dedicated pondless water feature pre-filter available. The HydroChamber™ is a water storage tank and pump vault combined in one convenient unit. These two units together save you time and money when building a pondless water feature.

By eliminating the need for the conventional pondless waterfall gravel-filled basin, you’ll enjoy a faster installation time and lower cost, with much less physical effort required. If you’re installing a pondless waterfall kit yourself, less digging will do your back good. If you’re paying someone to install a pondless waterfall for you, the less time they spend digging the lower the labor cost will be.

The HydroSieve™-PF and HydroChamber™ eliminate the large excavation, underlayment, liner, pump vault, matrix blocks, and river rock required by the conventional pondless water feature basin.

HydroSieve-PF and HydroChamber provide unlimited pondless design options

Modular Components provide you with more design options than ordinary pondless systems. The HydroSieve™-PF and HydroChamber™ can be installed together, or separated. They can be installed next to or away from your pondless water feature.

The combination of HydroSieve™-PF and HydroChamber™ give you complete pondless waterfall design freedom. Whatever your pondless design, the HydroSieve™-PF pondless pre-filter helps you keep it clean. No other compact pond sieve provides pondless pre-filtering capabilities.

Typical rock and gravel water reservoir pondless waterfall kits must always have the basin and pump vault at the end of the pondless waterfall. Conventional pondless waterfalls all use river rock and pebbles as the pre-filter. The rock and pebbles capture leaves and debris …. but how do you clean it? …… By HAND!

Compare cleaning the HydroSieve™-PF pondless pre-filter with conventional pondless waterfalls. The river rock and pebbles that act as the pre-filter for conventional pondless waterfalls can only be cleaned by hand. The Ultimate pondless waterfall with the HydroSieve™-PF pondless pre-filter is so much easier to clean. There really is no comparison!

The Most Versatile Compact Pond Sieve
Pondless Pre-Filter

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