Can be Fed to Koi in Cooler Water Temperatures

Manda Fu koi treates

Flour is blended with water. Starch is then removed leaving just the gluten. More flour is then added to the gluten and cooked. What is created is a floating low protein food with a digestion of up to 98%.

Because of the low protein content, Manda Fu is easily digestible. It doesn’t stay in the stomach long, and doesn’t require much energy to digest. This means that you can feed these koi treats to your koi and pond fish in cooler water temperatures than most other koi foods.

You can feed Manda Fu to koi and pond fish in water temperatures down to 45F°. This makes it ideal for feeding early in the Spring, and later into the Fall.

While Manda Fu pellets are quite large, the pellets absorb water very quickly and become soft. Small koi and pond fish can then easily nibble off the floating pellets. You can also easily crumble the pellets in your hand for even the smallest of fish.

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