2,800 g.p.h. Continuous Duty Operation

RW-2800 makes beautiful waterfalls

The RW-2800 Pond and Waterfall Pump is a reliable and dependable.
 Submersible pond pumps must be rated for continuous duty operation to be suitable for ponds and waterfalls. The RW-2800 Pond Pump is rated for continuous duty operation.

The RW Series Pond and Waterfall Pumps are reliable submersible pumps for ponds and waterfalls. Each RW submersible pump is designed and built to be truly continuous operators. This provides you with the confidence to operate your pond and/or waterfall 24/7/365. The RW Series submersible pumps are constructed of Stainless Steel and corrosion resistant polyamide Fiber Reinforced Resin.

RW-2800 Submersible Pond Pump
Makes Beautiful Waterfalls

The RW-2800 waterfall pump creates beautiful waterfalls up to 24″ wide over natural stone. At 2,800 gallons per hour, the RW-2800 pump is perfect for backyard waterfalls and streams.

The RW-2800 pond pump fits inside most pond skimmers, but is ideally suited for the Seagull and Piper HydroClean™ Pond Skimmers.

The RW-2800 waterfall pump fits inside most pondless pump vaults but is ideally suited for the HydroChamber™ as part of an Ultimate Pondless System.

Use a RW-2800 pump as a replacement for failed Aquascape, Little Giant, Savio, Easy Pro, Tsurumi, Beckett, Cal Pump, and many other brands of submersible pumps.

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