What are Pond Skimmer-Ectomies™?

Skimmer-ectomy BEFORE

Replacement of Obsolete
Pond-side Pond Skimmers
with Remotely Installed HydroClean™ Pond Skimmers





Why do a Skimmer-ectomie?  Look at the photos of this Aquascape warping and failing pond skimmer and you will understand why the pond owners paid us to replace it with a remotely installed HydroClean™ pond skimmer. 

Look at the warping sides of this Aquascape pond skimmerOutlet holes cut into the side of the Aquascape pond skimmer allow debris into the skimmer
Outlet ports of an Aquascape pond skimmerPoorly designed Aquascape pond skimmer


  • A 2-man crew can complete the job in 2-4 hours
  • A 1-man crew can complete the job in 3-6 hours
  • Makes for a much more attractive pond edge
  • Requires minimal tools - shovel, level, pipe cutter, screw driver, and transit or string level
  • All plumbing is "soil-tight" so no dirt, mulch, gravel, or debris can fall into the skimmer through plumbing holes
  • Easily accommodates multiple pumps and overflow without modification
  • Places the auto fill valve away from leaf net and leaf brushes so the pond owner won't bump it out of adjustment during routine servicing
  • Simple to perform!
Skimmer-ectomies before photos
Skimmer-ectomie After photo

Here's How It's Done:

  • Lower pond level to 6" below the existing skimmer intake flange
  • Remove rocks, boulders, and gravel 12" away from skimmer
  • Disconnect the liner gasket flange
  • Pull liner in towards the pond and pull off any silicone from the backside of the skimmer
  • Place a liner patch over the skimmer intake and screw holes
  • Mark an area away from the pond in which you wish to install the HydroClean™ pond skimmer
  • Excavate in new hole in the earth for the new skimmer
  • Use the soil from the new hole to fill the old skimmer hole
  • Excavate a trench between the HydroClean™ skimmer and the pond liner for the extension pipe
    Removing and replacing an Aquascape pond skimmer
    Remotely installing a HydroClean pond skimmer away from the pond edge
      Attach extension pipe to the HydroClean™ pond skimmer
    • Level the extension pipe, and backfill with soil and compact
    • Attach the patched liner to the the HydroClean™ skimmer's extension pipe
    • Backfill behind the liner
    • Install rocks and gravel over the extension pipe to conceal and create an uninterrupted pond edge
    • Start refilling the pond
    • Install the pump and overflow plumbing
    • Install the optional auto fill valve
    • Install the net and brushes, and place the lid on top and turn on the pump when the pond is full - you're done!


    HydroClean pond skimmers become invisible installed away from the pond edgeSkimmer-ectomies are the replacement of conventional pond skimmers with HydroClean pond skimmers

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