Use when water temperature is 60° and higher

Summer Maintenance

The Dissolvable Powder Formula is a salt powder that quickly dissolves and leaves no residual byproducts.

HydroClear™ Summer Maintenance™ Heterotrophic Pond Bacteria contains a proprietary blend of multiple bacteria strains that produce multiple enzymes for phosphate control and sludge removal in water garden ponds, Hybrid Ponds™, CrossOver Ponds™, and pondless water features.

Formulated to clarify water, metabolize fish and wildlife waste, as well as problem causing phosphate, protein, cellulose, lignin, carbons, phosphorus, glucose, sucrose, nitrate, nitrogen, and carbohydrates.

Summer maintenance beneficial pond bacteria

Sludge, muck, and water quality problems in ponds and water features are caused by fish and wildlife waste, leaves, needles, twigs, bark, grass clippings, blossoms, pollen, dust, and others. HydroClear™ Summer Maintenance™ Pond Bacteria is specially formulated to metabolize these and other pollutants for unsurpassed water quality, clarity, and fish health.

HydroClear™ Summer Maintenance™ Heterotrophic Pond Bacteria is an essential part of maintaining optimum conditions for fish health and water clarity in your pond.

Summer Maintenance: June through September

Application rate:
1 scoop per 1,000 gallons per week

Apply directly to pond circulation points, waterfalls, and streams.  

Not all pond bacteria products are the same! Make sure you know what you’re using in your pond! We list all our ingredients with links to what they actually are – no other beneficial pond bacteria brand does that! HydroClear™ is your assurance of a quality, tested, SAFE, and proven pond maintenance product.

When purchasing beneficial pond bacteria – you should know what’s in it! With HydroClear™ … you know!

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