4mm black air tubing
4mm black air tubing

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Air Tubing Black 4mm

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Tubing Length:10' Black Tubing
4 mm black air tubing for pond aeration systems

For Small Air Pumps and Air Stones

  • For use with our small pond air pumps and variable pond air pumps
  • Black tubing
  • Choice of length
  • For pond air pumps with 4 mm, 1/8″ outlets
  • For air stones with 4 mm, 1/8″ inlet barbs
  • Ideal for small ponds
  • Ideal for fish holding tanks
  • Ideal for hydroponics
  • Air stone NOT included
  • For use with air stones
  • Infuses oxygen into water
  • Increases circulation
  • Increases fish health
  • Increases biofiltration efficiency
  • Keeps holes open in ice
  • Increases hydroponic growth rate
  • 1 year warranty