Ammonia Test Kit
Ammonia Test Kit

Ammonia Test Kit

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NH₃ / NH₄ Test Kit

Ammonia Test Koi

Fresh Water / Salt Water

Monitor Ammonia Levels
to Help Prevent Fish Loss

Fast - Easy - Accurate
Reads Ammonia 0 - 8 ppm (mg/L)

Fish continually release ammonia into pond water through their gills, urine, and solid waste.  Uneaten food and decaying organic matter also release ammonia into the water.  Even small amounts of ammonia stress fish; large amounts will kill fish.  Use this kit to easily and accurately the ammonia level, so that, if detected, steps can be taken to remove it.

This test kit contains:

  • 2 liquid dropper bottles with child-resistant safety caps
  • Easy-to-read instructions
  • Information on how to test
  • Information on how to correct unsafe water conditions
  • 2 color charts
  • Glass test tube with snap-tight cap
  • 130 tests

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