HydroFoam™ Black Waterfall Foam 32 oz. and Professional Applicator Gun

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HydroFoam™ Pro-Pack: Professional Applicator Gun and 32 oz. Black Waterfall Foam

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HydroFoam™ Black Waterfall Foam 32 oz.
With Professional Applicator Gun

32 0z. HydroFoam black waterfall foam and professional applicator gun
  • Heavy duty professional applicator gun - stainless steel and brass
  • Black waterfall foam sealant for all types of pond and water feature construction needs
  • Multi-purpose foam
  • Durable, flexible
  • Black/Charcoal color when cured
  • Use to fill voids behind waterfall boulders
  • Use to fill voids behind stream boulders
  • Use to stabilize rock walls, submerged, and non-submerged
  • Use to "glue" concrete retaining wall caps to concrete wall blocks
  • Bonds boulders to boulders
  • Bonds boulders to all types of liners - rubber, concrete, polyurea
  • 60% expansion - fill voids with 40% foam, the foam will expand to fill the remaining 60% void
  • Dries tack-free in 20 minutes - cures in 24 hours
  • Density: 1.4-1.6 lbs/cu. ft.
  • Compression: 10-14 PSI