For All types of Large Ponds and Lakes

3/8" weighted air tubing

  • Does not float
  • Stays put on the bottom of the pond
  • Does not require tethering
  • Does not require weighting

Tubing connects the pond air pump to the air stone. Black, heavy duty, and flexible.

Easy to use and install. This tubing simply compression fits onto the male barbed outlets of our linear air pumps. It also compression fits onto the male barbed inlets of our air stones.

Kink-resistant, weighted air tubing is standard 3/8″ size for use with our linear air pumps pairing with our 6" Round Disc Air Stone Diffuser or 6" Squared Cylinder Diffuser.

3/8" weighted tubing easily cuts to desired length for any application with a PVC cutter or knife.

Aeration adds oxygen to pond and lake water as well as increases water circulation.  Aeration also keeps a hole open in ice during winter months.

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