Benefits of Hydro Vescense™ Pond Rock Cleaner

Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Pond Cleaner

Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Pond Cleaner Works on Waterfalls, Ponds, and All Sorts of Surfaces

Scrubs away tough build-up fast!

  • Cleans rocks
  • Cleans waterfalls
  • Cleans pond rock
  • Cleans pond and stream gravel
  • Cleans all types of pond liners
  • Cleans submerged surfaces
  • Cleans all types of ponds
  • Cleans all types of pondless water features
  • Cleans fountains
  • Cleans rock columns
  • Cleans concrete
  • Cleans bird baths
  • Cleans statuary
  • Cleans walkways
  • Cleans decks
  • Cleans virtually anything that gets green or slippery 
Waterfall rock before Hydro Vescense

Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Pond Cleaner Works on Waterfalls

A common problem with waterfalls is unsightly buildup on waterfall rocks. But what do you do? Chlorine and other types of algaecides are toxic to pond fish and may harm water plants. Birds enjoying bathing in your waterfalls and you don’t want to harm them. Your pet may drink from your waterfall – so you don’t want toxic chemicals anywhere near your waterfalls. 


Hydro Vescense going to work

The Eco Friendly Solution to the problem is Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Pond Cleaner. Follow these easy steps to get rid of the buildup on your waterfall.


    1. Turn your pump off
    2. Sprinkle Hydro Vescense™ directly on the affected area
    3. Wait 10-15 minutes
    4. Turn your pump back on


Hydro Vescense cleaned this waterfall rock



Nice and Clean waterfall rock. Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Pond Cleaner gently scrubbed the buildup off the waterfall rock. With regular use, you can keep your waterfalls looking like new.


Hydro Vescense™ is a contact cleaner that needs to make contact with the build-up to function properly. This is why turning off your pump when treating waterfalls is an important step.




Before Hydro Vescense


After Hydro Vescense

Waterfalls BEFORE and AFTER
Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Pond Cleaner



Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Pond Cleaner Works on Pond Gravel

Dirty pond gravel


Dirty pond gravel and river rock is easy to clean with Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Pond Cleaner. It is important for the health of your fish to keep your pond gravel as clean as possible. Pond gravel is not harmful to your pond fish …. but DIRTY pond gravel is. Dirty pond gravel also feeds algae. Clean it with Hydro Vescense™.

Dirty pond gravel is caused by decaying organics in the pond. It is also caused by bacterial waste known as detritus. Left in the pond, it will become anaerobic over time and cause pathogenic bacteria to proliferate. These bacteria are known to cause sickness and death in pond fish. Clean your gravel regularly with Hydro Vescense™. 

Applying Hydro Vescense




Applying Hydro Vescence™ onto dirty pond gravel.

    1. Sprinkle Hydro Vescense™ directly over the submerged dirty pond gravel
    2. The Hydro Vescense™ will sink through the water and come to rest directly on the dirty pond gravel
    3. Watch and see what happens!


            Hydro Vescense going to work on submerged pond gravel


             Apply Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner at the rate shown in this photo. Using the included scoop, sprinkle about a 1/4 scoop per square foot. If the gravel is heavily soiled, increase the application rate. You can’t use too much, but you can use too little. So start by applying a small amount, then increase the dosage as needed. 

            An easy “rule-of-thumb” is to apply Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner as you would apply table salt to a food dish.

            In water temperatures above 60°, you’ll see the bubbling, scrubbing action of Hydro Vescense™ within minutes. It still works in colder water, it just takes a little longer. 

            Hydro Vescense hard at work



            The byproduct of Hydro Vescense™ is oxygen.

            The active ingredients in Hydro Vescense™ – Sodium percarbonate – releases oxygen in tens-of-thousands of tiny bubbles that “lift” the build-up for capture in capable filtration systems with easy backwash abilities such as: HydroClean™ Pond Skimmers, Hydro Vortex™ waterfall filters, and HydroBead Vortex™ pressurized bead filters.

            Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner will not harm submerged water plants, but should be immediately rinsed off any plant foliage that is not submerged as damage to the plant may occur. 

            Hydro Vescense cleaned this pond gravel



            Clean and Healthy Pond Gravel with Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner. With regular use, you can keep your pond gravel looking clean all year long!

            Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner will not harm fish swimming in the pond provided that you maintain adequate aeration during treatment. Hydro Vescense™ immediately releases oxygen when it starts working, but after all the oxygen has been released, the “dislodged” build-up re-absorbs oxygen. If the pond is not sufficiently aerated while using Hydro Vescense™, a drop in dissolved oxygen levels may result. A drop in oxygen can be fatal for your fish. So make sure your keep your waterfalls or aeration system running while treating your pond.


            Clean pond gravel with Hydro Vescense


            After applying the Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner, we used an ordinary garden hose to spray tap water into the pond gravel to “fluff” it up. This causes any remaining build-up trapped in the gravel to float to the surface where it can then get pulled into a HydroClean™ Pond Skimmer and Hydro Vortex™ waterfall filter.

            The next day, we simply backwashed the Hydro Vortex™ waterfall filter with the HydroFlush™ Backwash System and hosed off the HydroClean™ Pond Skimmer Elements.

            Altogether, a total of 20 minutes was spent cleaning this pond’s gravel. The Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner, HydroClean™ Pond Skimmer, and the Hydro Vortex™ Waterfall Filter did 99% of the work!

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