Self Priming External Pump
Makes Beautiful Waterfalls

C-4620-2B self priming external pond pump

The C-4620-2B self priming pond pump creates beautiful waterfalls. At 4,620 gallons per hour, the C-4620-2B self priming pond pump is perfect for koi ponds, hybrid ponds, waterfalls and streams.

Perfect for applications where the pump is positioned above the water level.

External pond pumps are the safest type of pond pump - as they keep electricity away from the pond. Technically speaking, if you have a submersible pump running in your pond, you should disconnect it from the power source before getting into your pond. With an external pump - you don't have too! Just step right into the pond to prune plants, play with your fish, or to just cool off.

The C-4620-2B self priming pond pump is ideal when used with HydroSieve™ bottom drain pre-filter and pond skimmer, and Piper HydroClean™ Pond Skimmers.

The C-4620-2B self priming pond pump is compatible with the HydroChamber™ as part of an Ultimate Pondless System.

The C-4620-2B self priming pond pump is a reliable and dependable external centrifugal pump. This external koi pond pump is suitable for all types of ponds, waterfalls, and fish holding tanks. The C-4620-2B self priming pond pump is rated for continuous duty operation.

The C Series external pond pumps are the most reliable external pumps we’ve tested for ponds and waterfalls. Each C-Series external pond pump is designed and built for reliable continuous operation. This provides you with the confidence to operate your pond and waterfall 24/7/365. The C-Series external pond pumps are constructed of corrosion resistant industrial grade polypropylene.

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