Conventional Pond Sieves Require a Lot of Room and
Disrupt the Look of Your Pond While Costing A LOT More!

Conventional pond sieves are large, expensive, hard to clean, and completely unattractive in the landscape

Conventional Ponds Sieves:

  • Expensive
  • Large in size
  • Unattractive
  • Can only be installed above ground
  • Must be installed near the pond
  • Disrupt the look of a pond
  • Charge extra for lids
  • Difficult to install
  • Difficult to clean
  • Look awful in the landscape
  • Can not be used for pre-filtering pondless water features

When you compare pond sieves you must compare prices and sizes. Multiple HydroSieve™ - PF compact pond sieves can fit inside conventional large pond sieves! Large pond sieves’ average dimensions typically are 36″ x 30″ x 20″.

Conventional large pond sieves require a lot of room, must be installed above ground, and disrupt the look of your koi pond - not to mention they're an eyesore in the landscape. The HydroSieve™ - PF compact pond sieve, when installed in the ground, requires as much room as an irrigation valve box, while conventional large pond sieves require as much room (or more!) than a full sized wheelbarrow.

Conventional pond sieves can only be installed above ground and in full view.  They are gravity fed, so they must be near the pond or they won't work properly.  Do YOU want to see one of these giant eyesores near YOUR pond?

Conventional pond sieve is large and expensive Conventional pond sieves are extremely unattractive in the landscape Conventional large pond sieves ruin the natural look of a pond

How Do You Clean a Conventional Pond Sieve?

Conventional pond sieves are hard to clean


To properly compare pond sieves, you also have to ask: "How do I clean it?"  Conventional pond sieves do a good job of capturing fish poop, dead worms, and submerged debris - but how do you clean it out of the pond sieve?  Conventional pond sieves are large - as you can see from the photos - and you'll have to reach your hand down into them to remove all this gunk.  What do you think this smells like?

Another thing to consider is that conventional pond sieves don't come with a lid!  You have to pay extra for a lid - and they're already very expensive!  If you don't pay extra for a lid, you get to look at this whenever you're looking at your pond!  Don't forget to add the cost of shoulder length gloves!   



Conventional pond sieves must be cleaned by hand
Compare pond sieves - conventional pond sieves are hard to clean - HydroSieve pond sieves are easy to clean



Compare Pond Sieves: Compare price, compare size, compare what's included, compare where they can be installed, compare ease of installation, compare what the installation looks like, and compare ease of cleaning. You'll start to understand the brilliance and value of the HydroSieve™-PF Compact Pond Sieve!

Look at the conventional pond sieve closely - the camera doesn't lie.  If you opt to buy one of these, do you want to see these on the side of your pond?  Do YOU want to clean them?


Screenshot of a "Pond Sieve" Search on Google

This is an actural screenshot of a pond sieve search on Google.  This photo is not "doctored" in any way.  Please note that the item for $350.00 on the left is for a replacement screen only - the items for $64.99 and $74.99 were for lids. All other prices are for the pond sieves themselves.  Google doesn't lie.

Compare pond sieves on Google or any other search engine

Compare Pond Sieves to HydroSieve™-PF Compact Pond Sieve

HydroSieve™-PF Compact Pond Sieve is easier to clean than any other pond sieve. Simply grasp the handle that is above the water line to remove the stainless steel filter basket and rinse the basket - that's it! Dry-Hands Servicing means you never have to put your hands down into the water or hand remove captured gunk and debris as you do with other pond sieves. A secondary drain pipe for cleaning is not required as it is with other pond sieves.

Compare the ease of cleaning the HydroSieve™ - PF compact pond sieve to the difficulty of cleaning large pond sieves. How will you clean the algae, fish waste, and debris from conventional pond sieves? …… By hand.

The HydroSieve™- PF is an affordable pond sieve costing a fraction of conventional pond sieves. Conventional pond sieves can cost into the thousands of dollars. The HydroSieve™ - PF features performance and flow rates rivaling conventional pond sieves and is completely unequaled in a compact pond sieve, all for a reasonable price.

Convention pond sieves are unattractive and expensive
Conventional pond sieves are expensive and hard to clean


Conventional pond sieves are extremely large, cumbersome, and most don’t include lids. Not only are the conventional pond sieves large and unattractive, they can only be installed above ground in full view. Unless installed inside a shed or shelter – at additional expense – the large and unsightly pond sieves disrupt the look of your koi pond.



 The HydroSieve compact pond sieve easily hides in the landscape

The HydroSieve compact pond sieve resembles and irrigation valve box in the ground


Compare hiding HydroSieve™-PF compact pond sieves in the landscape with the large, unsightly, obtrusive pond sieves. The HydroSieve™ compact pond sieve is installed underground and out of site. The inconspicuous lid resembles an ordinary irrigation valve box within the landscape.

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