The Three Types of Ectomies™ - Pond Filter, Pond Skimmer, and Pondless Reservoir

Replace and Upgrade Filtration Components with an Ectomy™

Ectomies™ are replacing hard to clean pond skimmers, waterfall filters, and pondless gravel basins with our easy to clean Hydro products Skimmer-Ectomy™
Replacing Obsolete, Hard to Clean, Non-fish friendly, Unattractive Pond-side Skimmers
with Remotely Installed, Easy to Clean, Fish Safe HydroClean™ Pond Skimmers

Replacing Obsolete, Hard-to-Clean Waterfall Filters
with Self-Cleaning Hydro Vortex ™ Fully Backwashable Waterfall Filters

Pondless Basin-Ectomy™
Replacing Obsolete, Hard-to-Clean Pondless Gravel Basins
with an Easy-to-Clean HydroSieve™ and HydroChamber™