Filter Pad Benefits

2″ thick white pond filter pad

White pond filter padWhite color and 2″ thick. Used in virtually every brand of “Pad-&-Media-Bag” style waterfall filter on the market. Sold in bulk by the linear foot by 28″ wide.

  • 49 SSA per square foot
  • 294 SSA per cubic foot
  • Open space is considered “good”
  • Resistant to channeling if kept clean
  • Requires high pressure cleaning
  • Lightweight when clean

2″ thick white pond filter pad is widely used in common waterfall boxes, pond skimmers, and homemade biological filters. Choose your length of 2″ thick, 28″ wide filter pad up to 15 linear feet. The white pond filter pad is easy to use, and easy to cut to fit. This filter pad can be cleaned and reused several times. When you see signs of fraying, tearing or excessive wear – it’s time to replace.