How to Prevent Flukes In Your Pond

Wild birds can bring parasite into your pond1) Stop Wild Animals Visiting Your Pond 

Since most parasites are brought into a pond by wild birds, one of the best ways to guard against flukes is to prevent wild birds entering your water in the first place. Ducks and herons, in particular, can bring all sorts of parasites and diseases to a pond and both can be dangerous to fish. Herons will actively hunt your fish, causing stress and injury, whereas ducks contribute to sludge, ammonia, and problems with water quality. Both predators and pests can be easily deterred with a bit of preparation and investment, and we would strongly recommend it for koi as they do not react well to changes in environment and water condition.

Herons can bring parasites into your pond

2) Improve Water Conditions

lukes and other parasites thrive in low quality water conditions, and in these same conditions koi and other fish will become more vulnerable. A pond with bad quality water is more likely to house harmful bacteria, fungi, and parasites in comparison to a well-filtered pond with low ammonia and waste. Keeping water in top quality condition is a main goal in fish keeping, and not only will this prevent parasites from spreading, it also ensures koi are in good health to fight back any problems if they occur.

Maintaining good water quality includes optimizing filtration, cleaning filter media, testing water quality, cleaning out excess waste, and providing plenty of aeration.

Aisuru Koi is the highestf quality koi food

3) Keep Koi In Optimal Health

Keeping your koi fit and healthy ensures they’re in a good position to fight back any problems that may occur in their environment. One of the best ways you can do that is to ensure you’re feeding your fish top quality food with the correct nutritional profile. Many “budget” koi foods contain too much of things koi don’t need, and not enough of things they do. For example, cheaper foods will have far too little protein content, and the sources of protein may be from low quality sources to save money. Most cheaper foods also contain no vitamins, minerals, or essential oils which koi need to maintain healthy slime coats and strong immune systems.  Picking a top quality feed is vital to healthy koi, and will help them remain strong throughout their adult life.  Aisuru are the finest koi and golffish foods available.

4) Prepare Pond for Winter

Koi and pond fish are more susceptible to both harmful bacteria and parasites during their  winter hibernation. Their immune system has slowed along with every other bodily function. Making sure koi and pond fish are well fed in summer with Aisuru, and correctly “winterizing” your pond will ensure they have the best hibernation period possible and the best kick-start to spring.

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