Hydro Vescense™ Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hydro Vescense™ and how does it work?

What is Hydro Vescense™? How does it work? What elements does it contain, i.e. copper?

Hydro Vescense™ is a granular, non-copper effervescent pond cleaner. It works on contact through the power of oxidation. The active ingredient in Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner is Sodium Percarbonate. Essentially it is a stabilized and powerful version of Peroxide chemistry – a granular formulation of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Hydro Vescense™ is a contact pond cleaner that must make contact with the buildup to function properly. 

How quickly will Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner work?

Hydro Vescense™ will begin to work within 60 seconds of application in water temperatures above 55°. Build-up will continue to “bubble” off for approximately 7 days – if significant amounts of build-up remain after 7 days, another dose is recommended.

What are the Application Rates? 

  • First Time Dosage: 3-16 tablespoons for every 200 square feet of build-up surface area
  • Maintenance Dosage: 1-5 tablespoons for every 200 square feet of build-up surface area
  • Spot Treatment Dosage: 1-5 tablespoons for every square feet of build-up surface area

    What kind of build-up does it specifically remove? (dirty water) or (surface area build-up)

    Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner is an effervescent cleaner that works on contact with build-up. It does not clean dirty or green water. For green water, we recommend UV clarifiers.

    For cleaning build-up: Use low to middle dosage rates above in water above 70 degrees, and maximum rates for water temperature below 70 degrees.

    For preventing build-up: If your pond or water feature is generally clean – use the maintenance dosage every 4 weeks or 1x per month. If you have a troubled pond or water feature that experiences heavy build-up – use the “First Time Dosage” every 3 weeks. 

    What can alter the effectiveness of Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner?

    Amount and age of buildup. Older and dense build-up requires higher dosage rates. 

  • Light intensity – Hydro Vescense™ works better and faster in sunny conditions
  • Water temperature – Hydro Vescense™ works in cold water, but works much faster in warmer water
  • Water quality – Hydro Vescense™ works more efficiently in relatively clean water that doesn’t have an excess of debris 

    Will my UV light affect the action of Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner?

    We have not done any official testing on the effect of UV light on Hydro Vescense™, but it is believed that it may cause interference – therefore we recommend that you turn off any UV system before using Hydro Vescense™. You can turn it back on again approximately 2 hours after application. 

    What are the known side effects of Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner?

    Hydro Vescense™ can initially reduce the populations of crustaceans in a water body, but it has been demonstrated in field tests that these populations bounce back very readily. The same applies for bacterial colonies. 

    We recommend using this product in conjunction with HydroClear™ Bacteria such as Spring Pond Maintenance, Summer Pond Maintenance, All Season Cold Water Maintenance, or Nitrification Cycle™. 

    Is Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner toxic to koi or pond fish?

    Hydro Vescense™ will not harm any type of fish (including koi and trout) when used as directed. When applied to ponds the fish swim through it as it sinks with no problems. They may eat some of the buildup as it floats to the surface on the oxygen bubbles. Dead algae and oxygen bubbles are not toxic for the fish to eat.

    Just be aware, as with any other cleaning product, if you allow large amounts of build-up to decay within your pond it may cause dissolved oxygen to drop to dangerous levels. Make sure your water is heavily aerated either with waterfalls, fountains, or submerged aerators during Hydro Vescense™ applications. One way to avoid this problem is to treat early – before buildup ages or grows in intensity. 

    Is Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner harmful to birds or other animals?

    The label states that Hydro Vescense™ is non-toxic to pets, fish, aquatic life, aquatic habitats, or ecosystems – WHEN USED AS DIRECTED. The statement only applies to the diluted granules in water. Once the product has been applied to your pond or water feature, the water dilutes Hydro Vescense™ and the toxicity rating no longer applies. This is true for all other animals and humans as well. Once applied to the water, the water dilutes Hydro Vescense™ to non-toxic status. Per the label, waters treated with Hydro Vescense™ are permissible to be used without interruption, but the product is not labeled for drinking water. 

    When not in use, keep Hydro Vescense™ containers CLOSED. 

    Hydro Vescense™ is toxic in its undiluted, dry granular state. 



    Essentially all build-up cleaners should be applied before use of bacteria. Is Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner different?

    The same rule applies with Hydro Vescense™ – apply Hydro Vescense™ first and then apply HydroClear™ bacteria, the only difference with Hydro Vescense™ is that you can apply the HydroClear™ Bacteria such as Spring Pond Maintenance, Summer Pond Maintenance, All Season Cold Water Maintenance, or Nitrification Cycle™ 1 hour after applying Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner. 

    How Does Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner work on floating buildup?

    Hydro Vescense™ is a granular product (granular dishwasher soap consistency) and some granules will be caught in floating debris while some will sink to the bottom – but if the floating debris is very dense, not much product will reach the bottom. Interestingly, Hydro Vescense™ releases oxygen as it works and will actually lift build-up to the surface where it can be removed by a HydroClean™ Pond Skimmer.  

    Should I turn my pump and filters off when treating with Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner?

    When treating ponds with Hydro Vescense™ it is recommend to leave your pump and filtration running

    When treating basalt columns, waterfalls, and streams briefly turn your pump off to apply Hydro Vescense™ directly on the buildup. Remember, Hydro Vescense™ is a contact cleaner and needs to make contact with the buildup – if you apply the product to a waterfall while the pump is running, the water flow will not let Hydro Vescense™ make contact with the buildup.

    Here is a quick rule of thumb:  

  • On rock columns, waterfalls, and streams – briefly turn your pump off to apply Hydro Vescense™ directly on the build-up. Let it sit for a few minutes, then turn your pump back on
  • On ponds – keep your pump running 

  • What happens to Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner in the water? pH? Salinity?

    Hydro Vescense™ is a completely biodegradable and an organic product – its active ingredients are Sodium Carbonate (baking soda) and Hydrogen Peroxide. The main byproducts of Hydro Vescense™ are water and oxygen. The term often used with this type of product is “non-persistent chemistry”. Used as directed, Hydro Vescense™ should not have a major effect on water quality. When used very often/repetitively or under heavy buildup conditions, an eye should be kept on increasing pH and salinity levels. 

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