An Easy to Clean Pondless Waterfall Kit is Much Less Expensive to Own and Maintain.
Long After Price has been Forgotten, Value and Piece of Mind are Not.

Ultimate Medium Pondless Waterfall Kits = Clean and Fresh Pondless Waterfalls

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Ahi Series Ultimate small pondless waterfall kits are child friendlyBenefits of an Ultimate Medium Pondless Waterfall Kit:

  • Easy to Install - smaller water storage basin excavation
  • Modular Flexibility - unlimited creative design options
  • Easy to Clean - a clean pondless waterfall is a more beautiful pondless waterfall
  • Unlimited Design Options - waterfall in one place, the pre-filter in another, and the water storage in yet another location
  • No Giant Excavations - filled with underlayment, liner, pump vault, water matrix blocks, and tons of rock and gravel

An easy to clean medium pondless waterfall gets cleaned when is should. A clean pondless waterfall is not only more beautiful, it is much more safe for wildlife and pets drinking from it, as well as children playing in it.

Ultimate Medium Pondless Waterfall Kits also have a much LOWER COST OF OWNERSHIP than conventional gravel basin based pondless waterfall kits. A fresh and clean pondless waterfall doesn't require the high cost of constant algaecide applications. Also, a tank based pondless system won't clog over time and require complete removal and replacement like all gravel basin based pondless waterfall kit.s.Marlin Series Medium Pondless Waterfall Kits Include:

  • Marlin Hydro Vortex™ easy to clean backwashable waterfall filter with 20" wide waterfalls
  • Filter cleanout kit with 10' of heavy duty black 1½" flexible PVC pipe, and 1½" stainless steel lever shut-off valve
  • 3.66 cubic feet of Hydro FilterSilk™ easy to clean filtration media
  • HydroSieve-PF™ pre-filter with stainless steel filter basket
  • HydroChamber™ all-in-one pump chamber and water storage tank
  • Heavy duty black 2" flexible PVC pipe
  • Choice of pump - two submersibles and one external pump
  • Choice of backwash options
  • 2" Cam-lock check valve assembly
  • 45 ml EPDM rubber liner
  • 15 ml geotextile underlayment
  • PVC glue and primer
  • Tube of 100% silicone sealant
  • 16 oz. can of HydroFoam™ waterfall foam sealant
  • All required PVC fittings
  • Stainless steel hardware

No Gravel Pits. No Hassles. No Headaches. Super Easy to Clean!

More Medium Pondless Waterfall Kit Options
More Medium Pondless Waterfall Design Options
Easy to Clean Medium Pondless Waterfalls

Marlin Series Ultimate Medium Pondless Waterfall Kits come complete with Pre and Post filtration for the absolute cleanest pondless waterfall possible! Providing you with the MOST design options and creative freedom.

HydroSieve and HydroChamber

The HydroChamber™ and HydroSieve are modular with remote installation capabilities. You have complete creative design control of where you want your pondless water storage and your pre-filter.

If you choose, they can be at the base of your pondless waterfall. The most creative place to put your water storage and pre-filter is completely away from your pondless waterfalls.

Conventional pondless waterfall kits use a gravel filled basin for pre-filtering debris from the water - but how do you clean the gravel?

Many conventional pondless waterfall kits don't include a biological filter for processing dissolved organics from the water - so guess what .... they grow excessive algae!

Some pondless waterfall kits do include a biological filter - but it isn't backwashable. Again, so how do you clean it?  By hand!

The HydroChamber™, HydroSieve™-PF pondless pre-filter, and Marlin Hydro Vortex™ backwashable waterfall filter work together to provide you with the “Ultimate” medium pondless waterfall kit. Ultimate medium pondless waterfall kits are EASY TO CLEAN!  A clean pondless waterfall is simply more beautiful. 

Why is a Marlin Hydro Vortex™ Backwashable Waterfall Filter Included
With Each Ultimate Medium Pondless Waterfall Kit?

  • Dissolved organics to processed away with a biological filter will feed algae in pondless waterfallsDust, pollen, bird waste, frog waste, nitrogen, acid rain, airborne pollutants, and phosphates not processed out of pondless waterfalls feed algae
  • Just like ponds, the water in pondless water features trap all sorts of wind-blown, rain-dropped, or irrigated dissolved organic debris
  • Waterfall weirs or waterfall starters in conventional pondless waterfall kits DO NOT process dissolved organics out of the water
  • Dissolved organics not processed by a backwashable waterfall filter simply recirculate through the pondless water feature .... but what happens to these dissolved organics?
  • Unprocessed dissolved organics feed algae!

The Marlin Hydro Vortex™ waterfall filter will process dissolved organics out of your pondless waterfall . It will also drastically improve water clarity, quality, and remove odors. The Marlin Hydro Vortex™ filter is also easy to clean. You have your choice of manual backwash, or HydroFlush with your Ultimate small pondless waterfall kit.

 A pondless waterfall will become only as beautiful as it can be maintained.

Marlin Series Ultimate Medium Pondless Waterfall Kits are Easy to Clean, Modular and Flexible

HydroSieve and HydroChamber can be installed away from the pondless waterfall

Marlin Series medium pondless waterfall kits all come with a HydroSieve™ pre-filter and a HydroChamber™ "all-in-one" pump vault and water storage tank. These two units replace the large gravel basins of conventional pondless waterfall kits. The HydroSieve™ traps debris for easy removal, and the HydroChamber™ replaces basin underlayment, basin liner, a slotted pump vault, two water matrix blocks, and hundreds of pounds of rock and gravel.

As you can see from this photo, both units are modular. This lets you install them together ..... or apart from each other. You can have them at the base of your small pondless waterfalls, or moved away. They simply connect to standard 4" PVC or ABS piping with rubber couplers. No other medium pondless waterfall kit offers this kind of flexibility.

Unlimited Medium Pondless Waterfall Creative Design Options

Ultimate medium pondless waterfall kits are designed to give the designer more installation options, and for the end-user to be able to easily clean and maintain themselves. Ultimate pondless waterfall kits give installers more creative design options: Design the waterfalls in one section of the landscape, remotely install the HydroSieve™-PF pre-filter in another location, and remotely install the HydroChamber™ water storage tank in yet another location - with any type of landscaping or hardscaping in between.

Ultimate Medium Pondless Waterfalls are
Easy to Clean!

Ultimate pondless waterfall kits are easy to clean - gravel basin pit pondless waterfall are not
Each and every Ultimate medium pondless waterfall kit comes with a HydroSieve™ pre-filter that captures debris. Rock and gravel in conventional pondless waterfall kits is NOT an easy to clean pre-filter! 

Before buying any medium pondless waterfall kit
you should ALWAYS ask ....
"How do I clean it?

After all, it's your pondless waterfall and you'll have to clean it yourself ... or pay someone a lot of money to clean it for you!  You'll need to add the cost of cleaning to the price of difficult to clean cheap gravel pit/matrix pondless waterfall kits. Our Ultimate medium pondless waterfall kits are easy to clean and provide you a much better value for your money.

Ultimate Pondless Waterfall Kits Save You Money
Over Cheap Price Conventional Pondless Waterfall Kits!
You Get What You Pay For - We're Just Say'inUltimate pondless waterfall kits are easy to clean - conventional pondless waterfall kits are not

Ultimate easy to clean pondless waterfall kits are easy to clean - these conventional style pondless waterfall kits are not

Conventional pondless waterfall basins consist of a slotted pump vault, water matrix blocks, liner, underlayment, rock, and gravel.

None of these conventional pondless waterfall kits come with a pre filter to trap debris for easy removal. They don't come with a backwashable waterfall filter to process dissolved organics. They don't come with an "All-in-One" pump chamber that is both a pump vault and water storage tank.

The HydroSieve™ and HydroChamber™ included with every Ultimate pondless water kit replaces all the above listed items in a much smaller space. A smaller pondless basin requires less labor, saving you installation time and money.

With the "all-in-one" pump vault and water storage tank configuration of the HydroChamber™ included with every Ultimate medium pondless waterfall kit, the pondless waterfall excavation can be significantly smaller than conventional pondless waterfall water storage basins.  This saves you money in labor costs!  Why dig a hole bigger than you need to?

What You Get With Gravel Pit Based Pondless Waterfall Kits

  • A large excavation filled with underlayment, rubber liner, a slotted pump vault, water matrix blocks, and hundreds of pounds of rock and gravel for the water storage basin
  • Debris such as leaves, blossoms, weed seeds, tree seeds and other organic debris will get trapped into the rock and gravel basin
  • Just say NO to conventional pondless waterfall kits!The force of the waterfall will push that debris deeper and deeper into the gravel basin
  • The debris will break down and decay
  • Gravel basin based pondless waterfall kits grow excessive algaeDecayed organic debris turns into sludge
  • Sludge turns the water brown
  • Sludge smells like rotten eggs
  • Dust, pollen, bird waste, phosphorus and other dissolved organics will remain in the water
  • Dissolved organics and sludge WILL FEED ALGAE
  • Potentially unhealthy water conditions for children, pets, and wildlife
  • Gravel basin based pondless waterfalls become an algae eyesore and a maintenance nightmare

  • Buyer beware!  You get what you pay for.
    There is a reason why every single gravel basin based pondless waterfall kit manufacturer
    DOES NOT provide you with "how to clean it" information.
    Their pondless waterfall gravel basins simply can't be cleaned!

    Ultimate Pondless Waterfall Kits
    Easy to Install. Easy to Clean.
    For A Clean and Fresh Pondless Waterfall
    That is Beautiful and a Joy to Own

    An Easy to Clean Pondless Waterfall Kit is Much Less Expensive to Own
    Long After Price Has Been Forgotten, Value and Piece of Mind Are Not

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