Pondless waterfall maintenancePondless Maintenance
for Clean Water Features


  • Clean the HydroSieve™ pre-filter


  1. Open the HydroSieve™ lid
  2. Lift out the stainless steel filter basket
  3. Rinse the stainless steel filter basket
  4. Place the stainless steel filter basket back into the HydroSieve™

Total time: 2 minutes



  • Backwash the Hydro Vortex™ waterfall filter
  • Remove any debris trapped in pond, stream, and waterfalls


  1.  Turn the pump OFF
  2. open the Hydro Vortex™ filter drain valve
  3. If HydroFlush™: Turn HydroFlush™ Valve to the "Backwash" position
  4. If "Manual" backwash - using a garden hose, run water into the top of the Hydro Vortex™ filter
  5. If HydroFlush™: Turn pump ON
  6. With either backwash method: When water exiting the filter drain line runs clear - the filter is clean
  7. If manual backwash: Turn pump ON
  8. If HydroFlush™: Leave pump ON, close filter drain, turn HydroFlush™ valve to "FILTER" position

Total time: 2 minutes

ULTIMATE Pondless Waterfall Systems Let You Perform Routine Maintenance.
Gravel Basin Based Systems DO NOT!

 Routine pondless waterfall maintenance will keep your pondless waterfall clean, clear, and fresh. You will find that when you perform quick routine maintenance that you'll have a prettier pondless waterfall with much less algae and a much lower cost of ownership.

Routine pondless waterfall maintenance is much quicker to perform than "annual" cleanings.  Compare pondless waterfall maintenance to lawn maintenance.  You could mow your lawn once per year - you'll only have to mow it once - but it will be a huge job - and you'll have an unsightly lawn most of the year.

Routine pondless waterfall maintenance is like routine lawn care.  If you mow it weekly, water it, and feed it - you'll have a nice looking lawn.  This is the same as routine pondless waterfall maintenance.

Do NOT listen to anyone who tells you: "You only have to clean your pondless waterfall once per year"!

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