Fast Acting Liquid Beneficial Pond Bacteria
Plus Barley Straw Extract

HydroClear Spring Pond Starter fast acting pond bacteria plus barley straw extract

Spring Pond Starter is a proprietary blend of 5 highly concentrated bacteria strains plus liquid barley extract quickly jump starts your pond every spring season.  The bacteria go to work metabolizing problem causing organics while the barley straw extract works on naturally clearing murky water.

Use when pond water is 40° or higher. Start out with the startup dosage, then as water clears, lower the dosage to maintenance levels.  Use weekly until water starts to clear, then use bi-weekly to maintain clean, clear, healthy pond water.

 Quickly clears murky pond water. Healthy for koi, pond fish, and all types of water plants.  All natural barley straw extract is a natural water clarifier.

Spring Pond Starter is best used in water garden ponds with rock and gravel across the pond bottom.  The bacteria and barley work together to jump start your water garden pond every spring season.