What should you do with an undergravel filter?

Reverse the Water Flow and 
Convert it to a Biofilter Only

he best thing to do if you have an Undergravel Filtration System is to reverse it. You'll be changing it from a downflow design to an upflow design.

Attach a HydroClean™ pond skimmer to the pond, and pump water from the skimmer not the undergravel grid.

After the water has been pre-filtered with the skimmer to remove leaves and other debris, the water gets pumped into the undergravel grid system in an upward direction through the gravel.

Install a second pump (that also passes water through the skimmer pre-filter) to provide water to your waterfall. Or you could use one pump with a diverter valve that controls the water flow to both your undergravel grid and your waterfall - please note that the valve method will divide your total water flow between two places - so your waterfall appearance will be different. If you want to keep your waterfall appearance the same, then a second pump makes it easier.

This is a relatively easy and inexpensive solution that will help make living with your Undergravel filter easier. You'll be able to remove wind blown debris before it sinks and gets caught in the gravel. With water flowing up through the gravel, whatever does sink will sit on top of the gravel and not get sucked down into it. Debris sitting on top of the gravel can then be manually removed with a net, pond vacuum, or pump.

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