Granular Summer-Maintenance Heterotrophic Bacteria and Enzymes
Summer Maintenance
Beneficial Bacteria HydroClear™ Granular Summer Maintenance
Beneficial Bacteria HydroClear™ Granular Summer Maintenance
Beneficial Bacteria HydroClear™ Granular Summer Maintenance

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Beneficial Bacteria HydroClear™ Granular Summer Maintenance

Sale price$54.99
Size:2 lb.

Heterotrophic Bacteria and Enzymes 5 Billion CFU/gm
For clean, clear, fresh smelling water
Use when water temperature is 60° and higher

Summer Maintenance

Heterotrophic Beneficial Pond Bacteria and Enzymes in a dissolvable salt powder.

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Heterotrophic beneficial pond bacteria and enzymes
  • Naturally clears water
  • Controls water problem causing phosphate
  • Reduces murky water
  • Reduces pond water odor
  • Promotes clean, clear, healthy water
  • Promotes fish health
  • Metabolizes fish waste
  • Metabolizes water problem causing fallen tree leaves and twigs
  • Metabolizes water problem causing sludge and muck
  • Metabolizes water problem causing proteins, cellulose, carbohydrates, and lignin
  • No unpleasant odor
  • All natural, no chemicals
  • No artificial fillers or preservatives
  • Dissolvable salt powder
  • Highly concentrated formula containing billions of beneficial bacteria per gram
  • Proprietary blend of 5 bacteria strains that produce multiple enzymes
  • Contains: Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, Bacillus megaterium, and Bacillus pumilus bacteria
  • The bacteria produce: Protease, Amylase, Ligninase, Lipase, Esterase, Cellulase, Xylanase, and Urease enzymes
  • 2 year shelf life 

Summer Maintenance™ beneficial bacteria is recommended for use during the summer season – typically from May/June through September/October. The pond bacteria, and the enzymes they produce go to work breaking down pollen, dust, grass clippings, leaves, and other wind blown debris commonly associated with the summer season.

HydroClear™ Summer Maintenance™ is also recommended for use in pondless waterfalls to help keep them clean, fresh smelling, and to help prevent algae growth.

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