Why Do I Need a Floating Pond Thermometer for my Pond?

Floating pond thermometerBenefits of a Pond Thermometer

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Easy to read
  • Built in tether loop
  • Heavy duty plastic
  • Weighted submerged end to float upright
  • Easy to take apart for periodic cleaning

Our pond thermometer provides you with the most valuable piece of information you need in caring for your fish: water temperature. The water temperature lets you know when, and what types of foods you should be feeding your fish. The only way to accurately feed your fish as the weather cools is to know the temperature of the water. If you do not have a thermometer, it’s time to get one – for the health of your fish.

Pond water temperatures lower than 70°F tells you to start mixing your fish’s diet with wheat germ that is lower in protein. When the water temperatures drop to 60°F the diet should be switched to wheat germ exclusively. Proteins are much harder to digest than other nutrients. Wheat germ can continue to be fed to your fish if the water temperature doesn’t get below 50°F. At 55°F the fish’s metabolism starts to slow, reducing its intake requirements. Once the water temperatures go below 50°F, it’s time to stop feeding until spring.

Important Rule: Do not feed if there is any chance of the temperatures dropping below 50°F within a few days. Fish are not capable of proper digestion in cold water and the food can decay in their system, sending bacteria into the bloodstream and killing the fish.

As the water cools in the fall, the fish start slowing down in preparation for a period of semi-dormancy. Their digestive and immune systems slow down, and they are not capable of digesting the same types of foods that they can during the warmer months. Koi are particularly susceptible to problems at this time, as they have no stomach to aid in digestion; food passes directly into their small intestines, where it will sit and rot. The ensuing intestinal bacteria can pass into their bloodstream, causing sepsis which will debilitate or even kill the immunosuppressed fish.

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